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Walking in faith

March 13, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
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After graduating from his high school of about 500 students a few years back, Brandon Wichman chose to attend one of the bigger University of Wisconsin system schools.

“It was very loud, with a lot of partying all the time,” said Wichman, a devout Christian from Freedom, Wis. “It just wasn’t for me.”

After a short stint at a UW two-year school, Wichman found his way to Lakeland, a place where he feels a much stronger sense of belonging.

“My perspective on life is really respected and appreciated here,” says the senior business administration major and budding entrepreneur.

“The quality of education Lakeland offers, the support of a lot of good, Christian people and just the feel of the school led me here. The professors truly want to help you both in and out of the classroom. That’s a great thing.”

While he closes in on his degree, Wichman continues to build his brand as a young author and faith-based motivational speaker. The founder of his own business, Wichman has now published two faith-based books, “Walking in Faith” and “Prayer.” His second book was written entirely on Lakeland’s campus.

“I want to speak to my generation, and I want young people to realize it’s OK to be vulnerable,” he says. “Faith is a very personal thing, but my books are designed to show people they’re not alone. God is always with you.”

Wichman was humbled by the response he received from his first book, a collection of daily devotionals.

“I couldn’t believe how positive and grateful people were when it came out,” he recalls. “People from 10 years old to 90 seemed to love how personal it was to them.”

Wichman, who grew up across the street from St. Peter Lutheran Church, where both his grandfather and great grandfather were fixtures for decades, stresses that he has “no limits” when it comes to sharing his work with different Christian denominations.

“I would like to share my messages, which are all rooted in faith, with everyone,” he says. “I have made it a point not to connect my ministry to any particular denomination.

“I just feel so blessed God has brought me here, and is using me in this very unique way,” he says.

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