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Sheboygan Falls High School chemistry students visit LU's laboratory

April 12, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
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Science students at Lakeland University begin conducting hands-on experimentation early in their academic experience.

Earlier this week, 12 of Sheboygan Falls High School’s best Concurrent Academic Progress Program (CAPP) students were introduced to that philosophy of immersion.

The visiting high school juniors and seniors, who are in Falls’ Principles of Chemistry I class, spent four hours of laboratory work at LU.

Guided by Jered McGivern, Lakeland’s assistant professor of biochemistry; Pamela Salm, Falls science teacher; and LU students Taylor Green, Deyna Gatica Liborio, Suzette Rosas and Casey Takahashi, the visitors conducted research to determine the concentrations of blue and red dye in a fictional beverage called “Muskade.”

“We used instruments called spectrophotometers, specs for short, that measure the intensity of light,” McGivern explained. “That allows us to determine the concentration of dyes in our unknown mixture.”

“We also used Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, which uses similar principles, but in the non-visible spectrum to identify and analyze different types of compounds that are colorless.”

Jason Duff, Lakeland’s K-12 relations manager, said LU enjoys welcoming the area’s middle- and high school students to campus.

“We are really proud of our academic programs, our professors and, of course, our students,” Duff said. “We value these opportunities for them to work with our county’s bright young people, because all of the students benefit.”

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