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'STEM Girls Rock' initiative wraps up successful first year

April 13, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
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“STEM Girls Rock,” a collaboration between Lakeland University and Plymouth High School, capped its first academic year with an educational afternoon at LU.

Nearly a dozen middle- and high-school aged girls from Plymouth visited Lakeland’s campus, first taking part in an experiment that involved breaking toothpicks with warm and cold hands to simulate enzyme reaction rates.

After that, the girls viewed a robotics demonstration by Cristi Chang, Lakeland’s associate professor of mathematics, then learned about principles of thermodynamics while making ice cream from scratch.

Finally, the Plymouth visitors, led by their math teacher, Lakeland grad Kay Tharp, were presented with STEM-based educational and career opportunities and given a tour of Lakeland’s science laboratories.

“The girls were informed about the STEM-based majors Lakeland University offers, and what classes at Plymouth High School would help prepare them for post-secondary education,” said Lakeland senior Lexy Piskule, a math and education major and the Lakeland student leader of this initiative.

Piskule's work was through an internship that was funded funded through the Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Grant. Lakeland received this grant through the Great Lakes Higher Education Guaranty Corporation in 2015 to assist in the funding of hundreds of internships for Lakeland students.

Lakeland students who helped Piskule work with the Plymouth students were Adrienne Guarnieri, Shyanne Koski, Chad Larsen and Suzette Rosas.

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