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LU student art celebrated with exhibit, awards

May 4, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
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The three Lakeland students to the right, along with a peer who's not pictured, created a board game, from inception to completion. The three Lakeland students to the right, along with a peer who's not pictured, created a board game, from inception to completion.

Opening night of Lakeland University’s annual Student Art Exhibit celebrated the outstanding work of students throughout the academic year with an awards ceremony.

The exhibit features the best student art from throughout the academic year.

First place, Best in Show, went to a quartet of ART 315 graphic design typography students who created a trivia board game called “Type 101.” The students, Brandon Franke, Taryn Mills, Emma Schad and Fong Thao, created the game from its inception to the design to its physical creation. The final product included the box the game comes in, the board, an instruction manual, five decks of cards, study guides and an answer key.

A striking self-portrait, drawn with pastels by Rylee Garand, finished second and also won the “People’s Choice” award as voted on by the spectators at the event’s opening night.

Third place went to a colorful oil painting of a ballerina by Heather Kirby.

The total number of pieces featured was nearly 300, nearly all of them "A" level work.

Honorable mention recognition went to Bukouricz, Mills (twice), Gabrielse, Kirby (twice), Vang and Colon, 

Students who were in Drawing I and were represented in the exhibit were Corra Gumm, Dustin Peterson, Garand, Talia Gutierrez, Jensen Bukouricz, Travis Regalado, Hanna Smith, Brooks Repking. Gumm (16 works), Garand (15) and Gutierrez (11) were the most represented.

In the two-dimensional design category, the following eight students were represented: Zeni Yacob, Ashley Thomas, Karina Aquirre, Stephanie Figueroa, Tayrn Mills, Brianna Johnson, Hannah Scherer and Amelia Sitte. The three with the most works represented were Thomas (five), Johnson (five) and Yacob (four).

Drawing II students represented were: Abby Bauer, Alyssa Gabrielse, Garand, Ariel Lochman and Matt Nitsch. Students most represented were Lochman (four), Garand (three) and Gabrielse (3).

Six students were represented for their work in Drawing III: Anna Colon, Kirby, Callah Kraus, Mills, Aspen Thrapp and Alexa Vang. Vang had four works and Mills and Kirby had three each.

In the Painting I category, six students had works on exhibit. They were: Jensen Bukouricz, Lochman, Mills, Jensen Bukouricz, Natalie Coppock and Anthony Puccini.

Lochman had four pieces while Mills, Bukouricz and Coppock all had three.

Painting II, which features advanced techniques in oil painting, was represented by four students: Colon,  Kirby, Amanda Bagnall-Newman and Gabrielse. Kirby and Gabrielse had five pieces each on display, while Bagnall-Newman had three.

Kirby was the lone representative for Painting III, and her ballerina on tiptoes was one of the day's big winners.

In the watercolor I category, Fong Thao and Krause, the year's Outstanding Student in Art, were represented.

Color theory was represented by all eight students who took the course:  Andrea Barile, Colon, Franke, Corra Gumm, Talia Gutierrez, Emma Shad, Vang and Makenna Waller. Vang and Waller each had five pieces represented. Gumm and Colon had three each.

Moving to graphic arts, in the digital page layout category, 21 pieces were represented. Image editing/Photoshop featured 15 pieces, typoography had nine and illustration featured three. Digital photography, digital illustration, communication graphics and advanced digital design were all featured as well.

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