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LU garden producing fresh veggies

July 19, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
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Earlier this week, everyone who ate lunch at Lakeland University had access to a large bowl of colorful greens from which to make a fresh salad.

The various greens came directly from LU’s brand new garden, which will continue to produce fresh food from now until the first frost in late fall.

Currently growing and thriving in the garden are 10 types of tomatoes, four types of peppers, six types of lettuce, onions, cucumbers, zucchini, peas, green beans, rutabaga and various herbs.

Joe Johnson, Lakeland’s executive chef and assistant director of dining services, said the first of many cucumbers and zucchinis were picked this week, and the cherry tomatoes are almost ready for harvest. Other varieties of tomatoes, like the larger heirlooms, will be picked in the upcoming weeks.

“We will incorporate these fresh-from-the-garden vegetables into our meals for as long as our garden produces, which will be for the next few months at least,” said Johnson.

“We’re looking forward to preparing our first batch of fresh salsa, Caprese salad and much more.”

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