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Lakeland graduate Lee closes in on career goal

August 8, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
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Brandon Lee had something to prove.

“I wanted to redeem myself,” he said. “I did not succeed the first time, so I wanted to prove I could do it.”

And he did. At the age of 29, Lee graduated from Lakeland in December, 2015, with a degree in exercise science.

He’s currently enrolled in chiropractic school at the National University of Health Sciences in Seminole, Fla., and in fewer than three years, he’ll be a doctor of chiropractic.

“I wanted a school with a strong science-based approach,” says Lee, who’d like to someday become a traveling chiropractor with a “chiro to go” practice.

His journey has been interesting, marked by a mix of success and setbacks. He admits now he didn’t have the necessary maturity when he attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison right out of high school.

“I lasted one semester; it was a rocky road,” he recalls now. “I dropped out.”

Lee joined the Navy and was stationed in Spain for three years as a hospital corpsman. He grew up a lot, and decided to give higher education another try. His sister, Nicole, had earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Lakeland, so Brandon “knew it was a great environment.”

Under the guidance of Bill Ebben, Lakeland’s associate professor of exercise science, Lee worked hard and figured out the path he wanted to take.

“Dr. Ebben was the catalyst,” Lee said. “He provided a lot of guidance and helped me form a plan of action. He was also my professor in most of my classes, so he really helped me stay on track.”

Lee is moving steadfastly toward becoming a doctor. When he looks back, he will always cherish completing his bachelor’s degree at Lakeland.

“It was such a relief, like lifting a burden,” he said of that accomplishment. “It made me realize I do have potential. And I owe that all to Lakeland.”