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Designers, writers combine their creativity

January 30, 2018 In Lakeland University Blog
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When students in different courses work together to combine two distinct art forms into imaginative pieces, the final results can be spectacular.

Recently, students from Monique Brickham’s digital illustration class and Jodie Mortag’s nonfiction writing class worked closely together and created really cool work.

Brickham, LU’s assistant professor of art, and Mortag, LU assistant professor of composition, have collaborated in this fashion before, with great results.

This time, Mortag’s writing students crafted nonfiction literature, then worked with the digital illustration students, who, using Adobe Illustrator, created posters or, in one case, a 3-D standup piece.

During both classes’ final exam period, they presented their final projects to their peers.

“I think the value in this collaboration is that my design students experience working with real content, and more importantly, with real clients,” said Brickham.

“All of the students have to navigate the communication that goes along with determining what the right design solution should be.”

Brickham said she hopes to continue this collaborative initiative with a LU writing classes at least once a year.

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