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Scholarships paving way to student's success

November 7, 2018 In Lakeland University Blog
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AJ Zickuhr logoIsrael Macias has a goal to graduate debt free. From working 40 hours a week and applying for every scholarship he can, his goal is very achievable.

 Macias, a junior, came into college with a fear a little bit different than some of his peers … being able to pay for school. Instead of fearing it, he decided to do something about it. He’s on a scholarship roll, and is a role model for his peers that applying for scholarships pays off.

 Currently, he is the lead housekeeper at the Inn on Woodlake in Kohler, Wis., after just eight months of working there. He logs 40 hours a week, all while being a full-time student. As impressive as that might seem, there’s more. Macias has been a Dean’s List student every semester since the fall of his freshman year. Being a hospitality major, with a Spanish minor, he prides himself on the quality of his grades.

 It’s everyone’s goal to love their job, and for Macias, it is his main focus. He discovered his love for the service industry when he was younger and his family took vacations.

 “I want to work in a place where, for the most part, everyone is happy, enjoying their time,” said Macias in reference to the hotel staffs from his vacation experiences. He also appreciates the challenge of having something new happen every day. 

 When the time came to start looking at colleges, Macias knew instantly he wanted to go to Lakeland. After visiting LU for a school field trip, he was positive this was the place for him.

 “I fell in love when I saw the campus, I knew right away,” he said. “It was love at first sight.”

 After two years at Lakeland, Macias was in a spot where he was seeking more financial support. He searched Google for scholarships for hospitality students, and a few clicks later he found one through the Hospitality Industry Network and applied. 

 Macias recently learned he was the recipient of a $10,000 scholarship, one of the largest scholarships given out by the Chicago Chapter. Not only was this monumental and so helpful for paying off his schooling, but it came with some awesome experiences as well. On Oct. 25, Macias attended a conference in Chicago, and in February he will get an all-expense paid trip to Florida to attend to NEWH Leadership Conference.

 There’s more:

  • Macias has been selected to receive a $3,000 CIC/UPS Scholarship provided by the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) and its national partners, the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) in Washington, DC and the UPS Foundation in Atlanta, Ga.
  • He’ll be receiving a $5,000 scholarship through the Lakeland Movers & Shakers Gala.
  • He is the recipient of the $1,000 Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association Scholarship. He is invited as a guest to an event at The Osthoff this month.

 After graduating from Lakeland, Macias wants to pursue his goal of working in the hospitality industry and work his way up to top level management.

 “My goal as of right now is to obtain a housekeeping supervisor position and then I want to work my way up to an executive housekeeper,” he said. “Then I’ll just keep working my way up to a hotel manager.” 

 Armed with a determined spirit and his scholarship support, he is well on his way.

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