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Midterms are coming up: 5 tips to stay organized and motivated

March 1, 2019 In Lakeland University Blog
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     This is always a busy time of the year, and with spring break coming up it can be even harder to stay motivated. As a senior, I have developed a few tips over the years to keep myself focused and make sure I don’t fall behind.


       1.   Make To-Do Lists

If you take anything away from this, THIS is my number one tip. Lists, lists and more lists. They have truly become my life saver over the years. From having a planner, to writing reminders on post-it notes, making a weekly or even a daily to-do list has helped my life stay about as “unjumbled” as possible. Keeping track of what you have to do is the best way to not forget anything, and it always feels good to check something off the list.

  1. Reward Yourself

My favorite tip (haha). I am a sucker for thinking I need to go out and buy Papa Johns or something simple when I finish posting once for an online class. Although I tend to go a bit overboard, rewarding yourself can be nice and can be a huge motivator for finishing your homework. Set a time and if you get your paper done by that deadline, maybe treat yourself to something little that you enjoy. Chances are you would do it anyway, but telling yourself you can only get it after you finish something is a step towards checking another assignment off your to-do list.

  1. Pay attention in class

Such an underrated and overlooked idea. But, it’s really that simple. Force yourself to pay attention in class. Take notes, highlight, use different colored pens, anything to keep yourself engaged and attentive to the topic being talked about in class. By paying attention in class, you will have less bad surprises later.

  1. Make a deadline, before the actual deadline

Wow, people, this is so key! I am one of those people who will put something off simply because the due date is in a week or two. This led to so many late nights and rushing assignments, because I wasn’t giving myself enough time to finish. For about a year now, I have started giving bigger assignments my own due date, a few days before the real due date. This gives me time to make sure I finish it, and it allows me the chance to edit, whether it be a project, paper, presentation, etc.

  1. Take breaks

Don’t get too worked up about taking a break. Trying to spend all day, every day studying, is just a no-go people. Taking breaks is so good for your mental state, and can give you a chance to relax and be more productive when you return to the assignment or project you have at hand. Even if it’s a 20-minute break to make some food or something, don’t feel like you have to cram cram cram, constantly.

There ya have it folks! Good luck with midterms … wishing you all good vibes and straight A’s :)

And, to my fellow seniors, our last midterms ever, yippee!

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