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Muskies participate in The Commons

May 1, 2019 In Lakeland University Blog
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Maia Reed (second from right) with her team
Maia Reed (second from right) with her team

Linda Xiong (second from right) with her team
Linda Xiong (second from right) with her team

Lakeland University students continue to shine in their involvement with The Commons, a unique initiative that pairs creative students with companies and entrepreneurs.

On April 23 in downtown Milwaukee, two Lakeland students, Linda Xiong and Maia Reed, presented with their teams during Demo Day, which has students present their final pitches at the historic Pritzlaff Building.

Xiong and Reed were parts of teams with peers from other Wisconsin colleges and universities. Each team in The Commons is made up of students with different skills sets, who work together to develop real world ideas. Teams meet for nine weeks in the evening for workshops, leading up to Demo Day.

Xiong was part of a group that developed Sekhere, a one-stop solution for discovering and buying local retail items on demand. Reed was part of a group that developed Swift Shift by RTLC, a shuttle system to solve the "last mile" problem in the region.

The Commons markets itself as a think tank for talented student "hustlers, hackers, hipsters and handlers." These fun descriptions are for people who possess unique talents in the areas of information technology, graphic arts, marketing and accounting, respectfully.

Nearly 20 Lakeland students have participated in programs offered by The Commons the last few years, earning valuable experience and contacts.

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