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Two more graduates joining ACUITY

October 6, 2014 In Lakeland University Blog
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When Pablo Palacios and Josh Reynders graduate from Lakeland College in December, both will have computer science degrees and full-time positions at one of the fastest-growing, most successful companies in the Midwest.

Based on their stellar work during a summer internship program at ACUITY, the two seniors were offered computer programmer jobs at the highly acclaimed Sheboygan, Wis.-based insurance company. They’ll begin shortly after graduation.

“I think ACUITY will continue to have a great source of talent as it keeps working with Lakeland,” said Pablo, who added he was thrilled when he got the offer.

Josh said that his Lakeland experience prepared him well for this demanding internship, particularly the aspect of hands-on learning and working with others.

Pablo and Josh were two of six college students who took part in ACUITY’s first-ever computer science internship. The company is growing fast, and given that more of its employees hold degrees from Lakeland than any other college or university, it made sense that a third of the interns were from Lakeland.

Marcus Knuth, ACUITY’s vice president-enterprise technology, has a computer science degree from Lakeland he earned through the college’s Evening, Weekend and Online program. He has been working with Cindy Lindstrom, Lakeland’s assistant professor of computer science, to further strengthen Lakeland’s connection to ACUITY.

“In my current position, we are looking to hire a lot of new computer science graduates, so we interview people from universities and colleges from across the country,” Knuth said during a visit to Lakeland earlier this year. “And I’d say the talent level and caliber of students that come out of Lakeland is equal to, on par with or better than anything we’ve seen from all the other universities in the area. So, definitely, you get a very viable education when you go to Lakeland.”

Said Lindstrom: “I have a good feeling ACUITY will continue to sponsor and employ our qualified computer science graduates.”

Other recent Lakeland computer science graduates now working at ACUITY include April Thern, Stephanie King and Adam Beltran. Dozens of other Lakeland grads from other academic programs also work at ACUITY.