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October 7, 2014 In Lakeland University Blog
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As a Lakeland College student, 2014 graduate Tyler Holman exceled in multiple disciplines of art. His amazing work included sculpting, painting with oils and acrylics, drawing with graphite and charcoal, photography, graphic design and much, much more.

Tyler’s capstone senior exhibit was a spectacular display of artistic diversity, and his website,, showcases this vast talent.

“I’m always looking for opportunities to explore new experiences,” Tyler says.

Indeed, since he graduated in May, Tyler has branched out in many different, interesting ways, such as entering a world-wide Godzilla movie poster contest (he was a finalist) and creating a billboard for Lakeland College that is now on display on Highway 42 in Howards Grove.

Click the following link to check out his Godzilla poster (his is the first poster on the second row):

Also, visit our Facebook page for an album that includes a picture of the billboard, a photo of Tyler and more: .

“I love to help promote things I care about through my art,” Tyler says. “I feel accomplished about the billboard, and I am very happy to help Lakeland any way I can.”

Tyler was invited to showcase his work at a prestigious art show in Madison this Friday (Oct. 10), something he’s very excited about, and he got good reviews after entering the world-wide Hiiibrand graphic design contest:

“My art is not meant to impress others,” he says. “It’s about growing as an individual and empowering yourself to do what feels right. Art is relaxing, therapeutic in a sense. There’s no correct or incorrect way to create art, and that’s why I enjoy it so much. It’s about having your voice within your work. It’s a way of being heard.”

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