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October 18, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
Jacob Heinemeyer is following the career path his two greatest male role models cleared ahead of him, and Lakeland University’s Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program helped guide him.Heinemeyer, 28, is a double Lakeland graduate with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice (2010) and a master’s in counseling (2015).He’s now an admissions advisor for Lakeland, having come full circle at the place where his higher education journey began a decade ago.“There are a lot of similarities between Lakeland’s undergraduate…
October 12, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
More than 100 of Lakeland University’s traditional students drive to and from campus each day to attend class. Without the personal interactions residential life often naturally foster, it’s not always easy for LU’s commuter students to connect to the campus culture.LU’s Commuter Club is a monthly gathering of those students who live off campus. Last week, See Thao, a Lakeland success and engagement coach, led the first Commuter Club meeting of the academic year. The turnout was fantastic, as more…
October 7, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
When “The Accountant” hits big screens later this month, you can bet Lakeland University senior Jocelyn Yeager will be among the first in line. The much-anticipated movie, starring Ben Affleck, is about a CPA who secretly does dirty freelance work for criminals. Yeager, whose academic and career passion is forensic accounting and fraud, loves that kind of story.
October 6, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
Every Tuesday night for the next couple of months, Lakeland University junior Alexia Janz will drive to Milwaukee, take a deep breath, leap out of her comfort zone and enjoy a three-hour adrenaline surge. Janz is a member of The Commons, a unique, fresh, open-minded approach to education, innovation and collaboration. “This is a great way for me to test myself, to discover what I’m capable of,” says Janz, who’s double majoring in accounting and management information systems (MIS).
October 5, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
Lakeland University has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the Bradley Foundation to help fund teaching financial basics to at-risk Lakeland students.Financial Fitness for Life (FFL) will target at-risk students with a variety of financial literacy programs designed to help them make better financial decisions while they’re in school and throughout their lives.“Young people must be able to make good financial choices as they take on college student loan debt, because it later impacts their ability to buy homes and…

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Jacob Heinemeyer is following the career path his two greatest male role models cleared ahead of him, and Lakeland... More detail

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