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February 26, 2015 In Lakeland University Blog
Two Lakeland College mini-buses filled with well-dressed students left campus earlier this week, bound for Milwaukee and the 24th annual Workforce Career and Internship Fair. Transportation to the event for the more than 40 Lakeland students who attended was supplied by the college’s Success and Engagement Coaches team. Access to more than 150 employers and graduate schools was free for Lakeland College students. Check out the impressive list of participating companies and organizations. “I was able to practice talking to…
February 25, 2015 In Lakeland University Blog
Energy and enthusiasm coursed through Lakeland College’s natural sciences division on Monday, when about 60 Sheboygan Falls High School juniors and seniors spent the day engaged in various chemistry experiments. The high school students separated into groups, then rotated from station to station for six 35-minute chemistry experiments conducted by Lakeland College Chemistry Club students. “This was great experience for the high school students and our Chemistry Club students,” said Brian Frink, Lakeland’s professor of chemistry and physics. “The high…
February 23, 2015 In Lakeland University Blog
Lakeland College senior art major Renjie Zhou is showcasing his work in a public exhibit at the StoreFront Gallery and Studio in Sheboygan Falls. One of the owners of StoreFront Gallery and Studio attended the Lakeland fall art show that Zhou was featured in, and asked him if he wanted to display his artwork in her gallery. “I know it's a small gallery, but that's my first public show,” said Zhou, a native of China. “It means a lot to…
February 23, 2015 In Lakeland University Blog
Senior Josh Dahm won’t wear blue and gold Lakeland gear to his three-days-a-week internship, but he smiles at the suggestion. “I’m a Muskie at heart,” he says. Dahm, who’s closing in on a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and sport studies, is enjoying a unique internship as a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Bill Ebben, Lakeland’s first-year associate professor of exercise science, used his strong connections to facilitate this internship for his student. Ebben’s impressive credentials…
February 18, 2015 In Lakeland University Blog
Jeanette Gallus works with students who range in age from 5 to 50, and she loves sharing her expertise and passion with hundreds of people in two states that lie more than 1,500 miles apart. Gallus, a long-time online adjunct instructor for the Lakeland College Master of Arts in Counseling program, was recently named one of two Arizona School Counselors Association’s Counselors of the Year. Her day job is middle school counselor for the Anza Trail K-8 school in Arizona.…

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