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May 6, 2019 In Lakeland University Blog
Four Lakeland students from the LU Psychology Laboratory – Mai Lor, Kayla Potter, Emilie Schartner and Molly Schwibinger – traveled to the annual meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago in March. Lor and Schartner were first authors and presented separate posters describing their research in the Psychology Laboratory. Lor's poster documented a study on the relationship between creativity and age of active use of a second language, secondary language fluency and sex. Earlier age of acquisition of, and…
May 1, 2019 In Lakeland University Blog
Maia Reed (second from right) with her team
Maia Reed (second from right) with her team

Linda Xiong (second from right) with her team
Linda Xiong (second from right) with her team
Lakeland University students continue to shine in their involvement with The Commons, a unique initiative that pairs creative students with companies and entrepreneurs. On April 23 in downtown Milwaukee, two Lakeland students, Linda Xiong and Maia Reed, presented with…
May 1, 2019 In Lakeland University Blog
The graduate level managerial accounting class at Lakeland’s Milwaukee Center made cookies for their class project. You might not think of baking cookies as part of an accounting class, but instructor Dion Borkowicz says that the project is quite useful. The curriculum of the course includes studying direct material, direct labor, allocating overhead, calculating contribution margins, doing a break-even analysis and evaluating potential profit. “The project is a fun way for students to use and apply terms and concepts taught…
April 26, 2019 In Lakeland University Blog
Lakeland University exercise science students Dylan Lange, Alicia Thone, Alyssa Stockero and Garrett Duffin each presented studies at the National Strength and Conditioning Association-Wisconsin State Conference, in Waukesha, Wis., on April 13. Lange presented the study titled, “Longitudinal monitoring of the nutrition, sleep, and physical performance status of college soccer players.” Stockero, recent graduate Joshua Mann and Associate Professor of Exercise Science William Ebben were co-investigators. Thone presented the study titled, “Multi-planar analysis of the traditional back squat and Smith…
April 19, 2019 In Lakeland University Blog
 As second semester is winding down and the chatter of graduation begins, I figured it was only fitting to say thank you to the place I’ve spent the last four years.  Coming into Lakeland as an 18 year old, wide eyed freshman, I had no idea of the amazing adventures that were patiently waiting ahead for me. Reflecting and reminiscing on my time here is so easy and is always bitter sweet. And my friends and I have been doing a lot more reminiscing lately…

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