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October 3, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
After an intense screening, testing and interviewing process that took nearly nine months, 2017 Lakeland University graduate Dan Matijevic got the call. Matijevic, who majored in criminal justice at LU, was offered a position with the Wisconsin State Patrol. He was sworn in earlier this week, and is training at the academy now.“It’s a huge relief,” said Matijevic, who worked with Lakeland’s Campus Safety & Security department all four years. “Getting the call was a weight off my shoulders.“I’m really…
October 2, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
As she walked up the steps of Old Main one night last week, Mikayla Schnell felt a strong sense of nostalgia, pride and purpose.“Coming back was really meaningful to me,” said the 2017 Lakeland University graduate. “Knowing I was returning to help current student-teachers was really cool. Lakeland is such a family, and giving back to the next generation of family members means a lot.”Schnell, now a kindergarten teacher at Janssen Elementary School in the Kimberly Area School District, returned…
September 13, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
For nearly two decades, Lakeland has helped make the densely populated, economically deprived country of Malawi, Africa, a better place for its people.Since 1999, 75 Malawians have earned undergraduate or graduate degrees in education from Lakeland. Those men and women have then returned to their native country and positively impacted thousands of countrymen and women.Earlier this summer, Lakeland University sent four students and four faculty members to Malawi, where they worked with Malawi native, Lakeland grad and Master of Business…
August 8, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
Brandon Lee had something to prove.“I wanted to redeem myself,” he said. “I did not succeed the first time, so I wanted to prove I could do it.”And he did. At the age of 29, Lee graduated from Lakeland in December, 2015, with a degree in exercise science.He’s currently enrolled in chiropractic school at the National University of Health Sciences in Seminole, Fla., and in fewer than three years, he’ll be a doctor of chiropractic.“I wanted a school with a…
July 19, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
Earlier this week, everyone who ate lunch at Lakeland University had access to a large bowl of colorful greens from which to make a fresh salad.The various greens came directly from LU’s brand new garden, which will continue to produce fresh food from now until the first frost in late fall.Currently growing and thriving in the garden are 10 types of tomatoes, four types of peppers, six types of lettuce, onions, cucumbers, zucchini, peas, green beans, rutabaga and various herbs.Joe…

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