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January 30, 2018 In Lakeland University Blog
When students in different courses work together to combine two distinct art forms into imaginative pieces, the final results can be spectacular. Recently, students from Monique Brickham’s digital illustration class and Jodie Mortag’s nonfiction writing class worked closely together and created really cool work. Brickham, LU’s assistant professor of art, and Mortag, LU assistant professor of composition, have collaborated in this fashion before, with great results. This time, Mortag’s writing students crafted nonfiction literature, then worked with the digital illustration…
January 29, 2018 In Lakeland University Blog
Our Cooperative Education Program continues to gain momentum and recognition. Here's an article in Lodging magazine about how we've partnered with three award-winning Sheboygan Co. resorts to address student debt and local hiring challenges faced by our corporate partners. View the full article
January 22, 2018 In Lakeland University Blog
Tryg Jacobson, a well-known Sheboygan branding expert with more than three decades of advertising and marketing experience under his belt, served Lakeland University this fall as the institution re-introduced its Executive in Residence program. Jacobson taught a special topics three-credit course, called “Brand Anatomy,” that included 10 LU marketing students. “It was one of the highlights of my life,” said Jacobson. “The students were fantastic, and they did a great job. It was an amazing experience for everyone. Especially me.”…
January 8, 2018 In Lakeland University Blog
Five Lakeland University Cru members attended a conference in Minneapolis, Minn., over the holiday break: Jacob Barthels, Matt Seider, Tim Koerber, Tia Hoisington and Molly Schwibinger.  The LU Cru members joined 1,300 other students from throughout the region to worship and learn together. “Personally, the most impactful part of the experience was our Outreach day,” said Barthels, a junior. “Our Cru went to a sober living house and had an amazing opportunity to meet the residents, hear their stories, share…
December 15, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
Representatives from Lakeland University and Fox Valley Technical College met recently at FVTC to celebrate the schools’ new guaranteed transfer agreement. Lakeland and FVTC, already partners for 40 years, have strengthened that relationship in a way that will benefit students for years to come.More than 20 FVTC programs now align with nine Lakeland majors as part of the new FVTC-to-LU initiative. FVTC graduates who meet the transfer requirements are guaranteed direct admission to Lakeland to pursue a bachelor’s degree in…

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