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January 27, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
Lakeland University professors Nate Lowe and Charlie Krebs shared their expertise on memoir writing and self-motivation, respectively, during Wednesday morning's Lifelong Learning event at the Sheboygan Senior Activity Center. About two dozen highly engaged men and women, mostly retirees, took part in the interactive program and eagerly shared their own experiences with Lowe and Krebs. The goal of the Lifelong Learning program is to promote learning across the lifespan by engaging university faculty and the senior population in conversations about…
January 24, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
Lakeland University freshman Karley Campbell discovered through a compatibility questionnaire that her soon-to-be Conversation Partner, German exchange student Yvonne Hess, loved to cook and bake.“But when we met, I learned she’s a vegetarian, like me, so that gave us something else to talk about right away,” said Campbell, from Sheboygan, Wis.Conversation Partners is a Lakeland program that pairs American students with international students so they can build friendships by hanging out and sharing their cultures with each other.Currently, there are…
January 19, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
Lots of people play video games. But at Lakeland University, students in the computer science program actually create them.Last semester, LU’s Tech Club sponsored its second Game Jam, a contest to discover who can make the best original video game. Brothers Dan and Nick Koerber won with their entrant, “BorderHack,” which featured a sword-fighting character who advanced through levels using special powers.Second place went to Rainger Rossway, and freshman Alex Kerr took third.The driving force behind Game Jam is Devin…
January 18, 2017 In Lakeland University Blog
Combine powerful, emotional writing with eye-popping imagery and appealing design, and the final result is a real source of pride. Just ask the Lakeland University students who were in Monique Brickham’s Digital Page Layout/InDesign (ART 103) course or those in Jodie Liedke’s Writing in the Genres (WRT 115) course last semester. The classes joined forces and created 20 layouts that were compiled in a literary magazine the students titled, “Struggling Work of a Dysfunctional Community.” “My students thought it was…
December 9, 2016 In Lakeland University Blog
Carrye Jo Cony was blown away by the volunteer bell-ringing effort of Lakeland University’s Beta Sigma Omega fraternity.When she arrived at the Sheboygan north-side Walmart last Saturday, Cony, the Salvation Army’s volunteer coordinator, couldn’t believe how much money stuffed the two donation kettles.“It had to be a record,” she said. “In fact, there was so much change in one of the kettles, the handle broke. I am absolutely thrilled with these young men’s dedication, and I’m now challenging other groups…

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