Welcome to the Lakeland University commencement ticket website. Here you can see who has tickets available and let people know you have extras. Use this form to create an entry if you need extra tickets or have extra tickets to give away. You will need to arrange a location/date/time to get your tickets. Once you post a ticket availability/request, you may edit it using the link emailed to you. If you lose this link, please contact webmaster@lakeland.edu from the email you used to post your listing to request changes.

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Hey all, I’m looking for two tickets for my grandparents to come. I can meet anywhere on campus or... read more
2019-05-06 8:09 PMcontact via email
I have family coming from out of town and would really appreciate having them sit in for the ceremon... read more
2019-05-06 5:53 PMcontact via email
just need a couple extra tickets for the 4 pm ceremony!  
2019-04-22 1:02 PMcontact via email
My family from Tennessee will be here and I would really like for them to attend the ceremony. If yo... read more
2019-04-16 11:39 AMcontact via email
Hello! I’m looking for 7 tickets for family. Even if you had a spare ticket or two, that would rea... read more
2019-04-03 1:10 AMcontact via email
If anyone has 2 tickets they’re willing to give away, that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you... read more
2019-03-30 11:19 AMcontact via email
I am looking for 4 more tickets for the 4pm ceremony and would really appreciate it if someone has a... read more
2019-03-25 7:11 PMcontact via email
If anyone has extra tickets for the graduation at 4pm that Saturday I would greatly appreciate it. A... read more
2019-03-25 1:45 PMcontact via email
I will be willing to pick them up where ever needed. I have family coming from out of state. Thank y... read more
2019-03-07 7:59 PMcontact via email
Alemayehu wants10
January 5, 8:04 AMcontact via email