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Flexibility and individuality are paramount to our pre-professional program, which will fully prepare you for the post-graduate phase of your academic journey.

Here at Lakeland College, we will maximize your potential for acceptance into medical school, veterinary school, chiropractic school, optometry school or dental school. And once you begin your post-graduate work, the strong base of scientific knowledge you’ve built here at Lakeland will serve you well.

“With the personalized advising from Lakeland’s faculty, we tailor the coursework to meet the needs of any professional program,” says Greg Smith, associate professor of biology. “That’s the touch – the personal touch – we’re so proud of.”

You’re not locked in

Let’s say you enter college with the long-term goal of becoming a physician. But a couple of years into your studies, you decide you’d rather be a dentist. Or a chiropractor. Or a pharmacist. The great thing about Lakeland’s pre-professional curriculum is that changing your mind won’t cost you time or money.

“Because of the broad range of professional studies this program is designed to prepare students for, it is by its very nature a somewhat fluid curriculum,” Smith says. “We meet with the students individually to talk about their needs for the professional area of study they’re interested in. Courses change from field to field, from subfield to subfield, year to year.”


Snapshot of Success

Name: Kasey Gussert

Hometown: Kingsford, Mich.

Title: Pharmacy resident

Business: Milwaukee VA Medical Center

Kasey is an expert on diseases and medicine who works one-on-one with patients. Now in her post-graduate Year 1 residency, Kasey was selected to work at the VA Medical Center.

Kasey graduated from Lakeland with honors and a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry after taking the pre-professional track. She then attended the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and in four years she earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

She’s most passionate about the rapidly evolving treatment of HIV and AIDS, and she’d like to work with those patients individually to maximize their length and quality of life.

“The thing that struck me, that made me fall in love with this field, is that I’ve seen a pill work in tremendous ways, particularly with the HIV population,” she says. “It keeps people alive, sustains them. It’s amazing how far we have come. HIV is no longer a death sentence, and that’s due to medication.”

Kasey arrived at Lakeland with a love for playing basketball and an idea that she would eventually head into the world of pharmacy. She says learning to communicate with her teammates and coaches on the basketball team and multi-tasking served her well through eight years of higher education.

“The one-on-one aspect of Lakeland College, compared to what you get at a large university, was invaluable,” she adds. “I’m still good friends with my advisor, Greg Smith, eight years later. Science is not easy. Sometimes, you need that extra help, that little boost. At Lakeland, you get that direct access to your professor. At a large university, most often you get a teaching assistant or tutor.

“Professor Smith was a vital component to my education. He’s a great friend and he’s very involved in every student’s life. He’s very dedicated and bends over backward to help.”

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Pre-Professional at Lakeland

Gaining acceptance into graduate school requires more than just a Bachelor of Science degree and good grades. A prospective grad school student must also fare well on applicable entrance exams (such as the Medical School Admissions Test), interview with poise and confidence and feature strong internship experience.

At Lakeland, we take a holistic approach to our students’ pre-professional education. Lakeland’s faculty members work closely with local hospitals, clinics and pharmacies to help students land internships. We nurture our long-standing relationships with area businesses for the benefit of our students. And for our students who live outside the Sheboygan area, professors will contact potential summer internship providers in those students’ hometowns.

Lakeland faculty members also take pride in writing personal letters of recommendation for their students, which further strengthen a post-graduate school application.




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