Summer Graduate Music Programs

Graduate Music at Lakeland University

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Lakeland University’s Summer Graduate Music Programs are designed for elementary, secondary, and independent music teachers who are seeking to grow their pedagogical, personal musicianship and research skills. 

Summer Graduate Music Programs

Designed for busy working music educators, Lakeland offers a wide variety of programs and workshops that are taught by leaders in the field of music education in an environment that is joyful, supportive and immensely meaningful.

Lakeland University’s Summer Graduate Music Programs

4 Options

Programs & Workshops

The Summer Graduate Music Program at Lakeland University offers four options depending on your needs:

This historic, 34-credit program has been redesigned to allow teachers to complete their Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis degree in a summers-only, low-residency model. This efficient program allows students to earn an OAKE-endorsed Kodály Certificate and apply credits from Lakeland’s Orff-Schulwerk program and/or various workshops including Feierabend Associate for Music Education courses to the degree within three summers.

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Students will experience three levels of training in the Kodály Concept or Approach of Music Education. Lakeland’s Kodály Certification program is endorsed by the Organization for American Kodály Educators, which means that the program meets the highest standards for Kodály training as outlined by OAKE. This 20-credit program is designed to be completed within a two-week residency on campus over the course of three summers. The program may be completed as a stand-along certification program or may be completed and applied in full within Lakeland’s Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis program.

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Over the course of the two-week program, music educators will develop their personal musicianship skills, learn to create stylistically and age-appropriate arrangements, and experience pedagogical models appropriate for the elementary and middle school classroom that emphasize improvisation and creativity. The approach or concept stresses the importance of developing student’s body, ear, and mind as an integrated pathway to creative expression and comprehensive musicianship.

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Lakeland provides a variety of rotating courses and workshops to allow music educators to both broaden and deepen their understanding of various topics in music education. A variety of options are available each year in-person and online, including opportunities to earn Feierabend Association for Music Education (F.A.M.E) Certification. When taken for credit, courses may be applied to the Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis degree.

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Sheboygan, Wis.

About Lakeland University

Lakeland University is a historic institution of innovation. More than 40 years ago, Lakeland University introduced Wisconsin’s first adult education program, devoted to giving working adults access to the flexible higher education they needed to achieve their goals. In addition to specializing in offering programs for working adults, Lakeland has always had Music as a part of its history.

“Music is an important part of Lakeland’s long history,” said Lakeland President Beth Borgen. “From the summer music camp we’ve hosted for more than 60 years to the legacies of influential music faculty members like Henry Ellerbusch, Edgard Thiessen, Lew Schmidt, and Janet Herrick. Lakeland married its expertise in adult education with its dedication to the liberal arts and music when it added the Graduate Music program to its offerings.”

Lakeland University is a liberal arts institution whose main campus is located in the summer vacation destination of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Students in the program will enjoy Lakeland’s peaceful and idyllic main campus which features beautiful landscaping and walking trails along with numerous quiet areas to study and gather with fellow students to study and socialize. Lakeland’s main campus is located near the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, the quaint village of Elkhart Lake, and the Bratwurst Capital of the World, Sheboygan boasts world-class lodging and spas, charter fishing, a top motorsports race track, miles of bike trails, and so much more.

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For admissions and financial aid questions, please contact Jane Bouche at or 920-565-1022 ext. 2143.

For course or program-related questions, please contact the program director, Evan Chancellor, at or 920-565-1000 ext. 2304.

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