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Earn Your Degree 100% Online

Lakeland University is a leader in offering flexible learning options that make it easy for students to balance school with their busy professional and personal lives. We have offered online programming for more than 20 years and were among the first schools in the United States to fully offer a degree online, which has us well positioned to help you meet your educational goals. Whether you want all your classes online or a mix of face-to-face learning with online classes, we have the customized approach to fit your needs.

Learn From Anywhere

The majority of Lakeland University degrees can be earned by taking online classes. Twelve-, or seven-week courses allow students to complete coursework 100% online — no matter their location, schedule and other life commitments.

Learn online, on your time. Participate in interactive online discussion boards at midnight. Read through course materials on your lunch hour. Complete assignments before your commute to work, or take exams after dinner. It’s all a matter of time—yours!

You are an internet connection or smart phone signal away from joining a class – wherever you are! Using your laptop, phone or tablet, you can participate in a live class. You’ll follow the instructor’s presentation, use live audio or chatroom to answer or ask questions and be part of the real-time classroom dynamic. Lakeland's live courses are also digitally video-recorded and available when you can or want to access them.

100% Online courses at Lakeland University

Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees

Earn Your Degree Online

Whether you already have a degree and are looking for additional education or are in the market for a new career, Lakeland has you covered. We offer programs that produce graduates that employers are seeking, and we have strong connections with many companies and organizations of all sizes.

Bachelor's Degrees
Master's Degrees

Cooperative Education

Earn Academic Credit For Your Work!

Gain real-world knowledge and earn your degree through a variety of learning opportunities. Whether you have prior work experience or want to get work experience but have a busy schedule, there is an abundance of opportunities to get credit for your work!

Cooperative Education
Credit For Prior Learning
U.S. News & World Report

Transfer Students

Thinking About Transferring?

Every year, transfer students and non-traditional students find themselves rethinking college. And every year, more of you decide that Lakeland University is the right choice for you. It’s not always just one thing that wins you over, but quite a few including the ability to transfer up to 72 credits, small class sizes, experiential education, and so much more!

Learn More

Ways To Learn

At Lakeland University, there are numerous places and ways to learn! Education does not have to only take class in a formal classroom setting. Explore the different ways you can earn credits toward your education.

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