Lakeland University Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

What does it take to get in to Lakeland University? Lakeland is a test-optional institution that prides itself on taking a holistic approach when considering an applicant for admission. While students can elect whether or not their test scores play a role in the admissions process, we understand there are inherent flaws in trying to summarize your academic potential in a single exam. We seek the student who wants to learn and be a member of a community that specializes in individual attention, both academic and interpersonal.

Undergraduate Admissions

Be a Muskie

Lakeland University accepts students on a continuing basis throughout the year. To maximize your housing selection and financial aid package, we suggest you apply early in your senior year of high school. We recommend the following high school units of college preparatory work:

English: 4 years

Math: 3-4 years

Natural Sciences: 3 years

Social Studies: 2 years

Foreign Languages: 2 years

Any additional courses in college preparatory areas

Test-Optional Admissions Policy

Lakeland is a proud test-optional institution. Test scores are no longer required to gain admission or earn any level of merit scholarship we offer. If you have questions about what this policy means for your application, please contact us to get in touch with an admissions counselor - or 920-565-1022.

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Innovative Education

Lakeland is an innovative university that works with students to turn their goals into reality.

We value hard work, and our award-winning Cooperative Education program is providing a new way for students to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Our flexible learning options give students the freedom to: 

  • Work
  • Participate in athletics and clubs/organizations
  • Create lifelong relationships

Innovation is nothing new for LU. Since our founding in 1862, we have been a leader in finding ways to help students make their dreams come true.

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Recommended Education

An application form is available online for free, or you may contact the admissions office to have application materials sent. In addition to the free application, you must also submit official high school transcripts and may optionally submit ACT and SAT scores. Upon receipt of both items, your admissions file will be complete and ready for review.

For more information or to speak with an admissions representative about the details of your application, feel free to contact any of our admissions counselors. They are more than happy to walk you through the admissions process.


Control The Cost Of College

Concerned about the cost of a college education? We get it! We work hard to help make your education affordable.

That’s why Lakeland University has partnered with RaiseMe. On RaiseMe, you can now earn incremental scholarships called micro-scholarships (performance-based scholarships) from Lakeland for your achievements throughout high school in and outside the classroom.

As you progress through high school, you'll have transparency into the minimum amount of scholarship or aid grants you can expect from Lakeland before you apply.

To learn more about all of the other scholarship opportunities that Lakeland University has available, please use the link below to see what scholarships may be available to you


Have a question about undergraduate admissions? Please fill out this form and one of our admissions members will be in contact with you.