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Selecting the right school is challenging, especially when it comes to comparing the cost. Some schools don’t include a number of course costs and fees in their advertised tuition cost, which can lead to surprises when you get your bill.

At Lakeland, there are no surprises, and no hidden costs or fees as part of our tuition.

And what are you getting for your investment?

Lakeland considers every possible funding source to address your unique situation and fill in any gaps with a range of discounts, scholarships and other financial aid solutions. 

2020-2021 Tuition & Costs

Below is the current list of tuition costs for Lakeland University's William R. Kellett School of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies (Evening/Online courses).

Per Class Per Credit
2020/2021 Tuition $1,590 $530
Audit (All Programs) 67% charge
Per Class Per Credit
Master of Arts in Education (M.Ed.) $2,001 $667
Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) $2,001 $667
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $2,001 $667
Master of Science in Leadership & Organizational Development (MS-LOD) $2,001 $667
Audit (All Programs) 67% charge
Per Class
CPA - BA 796* & 797* $2,001 *Additional costs for materials
CPA - BA 798* $2,001 *Additional costs for materials
CMA - BA 771* & 772* $2,001 *Additional costs for materials
Per Class Per Credit
Summer Internship Class $530/credit