Lakeland University Undecided Students

Need Help Finding Your Path?

Many students who come to Lakeland are just like you – interested in pursuing a college education but undecided or unsure about a major. Here at Lakeland University, we’ll be right by your side while you discover your interests and explore potential careers. There’s no rush to make a decision on your major. Our professors and advisors are committed to helping you discover your direction at a pace you’re completely comfortable with!

Experiential Education

Learn, Work, Succeed!

Experiential education is just what it sounds like—gain real-world knowledge and earn your degree through a variety of learning opportunities. Whether you have prior work experience, want to get work experience but have a busy schedule, or are interested in our tradition Co-Op program, there is an abundance of opportunities to get credit for your work!

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Student Organizations

Meet Like-Minded Students!

Students often become involved in one or several of the many organizations formed on campus. What you get out of these organizations varies - you get what you put in! Most students report great personal success including skills development, networking opportunities, and also some of the most fun of their lives!

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Three Lakeland University students smile at the Student Involvement Fair

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