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Convenience & Flexibility

There’s more than one way to get a college education and Lakeland offers them all. We call this remarkable learning opportunity BlendEd. You’ll simply call it the most flexible and convenient way to earn a degree—on your own terms and anywhere you want to learn.

Options that work for you

Choose how to attend classes each week

Business trip next week? Kids have a soccer tournament? Need to stay late to finish a work project? Life has a way of altering “normal” weekly routines and interfering with regularly scheduled class times.

Luckily at Lakeland University, you can choose each week how to access that week’s content. Plus, we offer 12-, or 7-week courses to allow you to build the plan that best fits your schedule.

With six centers located throughout Wisconsin, we make it easy for you, no matter where you’re located, to physically attend classes in person just one night per week.

Find A Center Near You

Online learning lets you attend class when it’s convenient for you. Participate in an interactive online discussion board at midnight. Read through course material on your lunch hour. Complete assignments before your commute to work. Take exams after dinner. It’s all a matter of time—yours.

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You are an internet connection or smart phone signal away from joining a class – wherever you are! Using your laptop, phone or tablet, you can participate in a live class. You’ll follow the instructor’s presentation, use live audio or chatroom to answer or ask questions, and be part of the real-time classroom dynamic. Lakeland's live courses are also digitally video-recorded and available when you can or want to access them.

Attend live classes in-person or virtually from anywhere one night per week.

Develop Skills Employers Are Looking For

Education is key for leaders in the workplace. Choose from one of Lakeland's many degree or certificate programs. 

Courses are taught by real-world practitioners; experts in their fields. By bringing all of their worldly wisdom and real-life experiences into the classroom, they create learning that not only supports your academic success, but also allows you to make an immediate difference in your workplace.

Cooperative Education

Earn Academic Credit For Your Work!

Gain real-world knowledge and earn your degree through a variety of learning opportunities. Whether you have prior work experience or want to get work experience but have a busy schedule, there is an abundance of opportunities to get credit for your work!

Cooperative Education
Credit For Prior Learning
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Corporate Partnerships at Lakeland University

Corporate Partnerships

Take Advantage

If you are employed by - or are an immediate family member of someone employed by - one of our corporate partners, you may be eligible to receive discounted tuition rates (20% on undergraduate courses, 10% on graduate courses). 

Contact us to learn how you can take advantage of our corporate partnership program and the many benefits you may be awarded! 

Corporate Partnerhips
Financial Aid

Transfer Students

Thinking about Transferring?

Every year, transfer students and non-traditional students find themselves rethinking college. And every year, more of you decide that Lakeland University is the right choice for you. It’s not always just one thing that wins you over, but quite a few including the ability to transfer up to 72 credits, small class sizes, experiential education, and so much more!

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Transfer student at Lakeland University

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