Student Affairs at Lakeland University

Our Mission

The Division for Student Affairs provides various developmental services, programs, and activities to residential and commuter students through employee and peer engagement that support the university’s mission, values, and goals. We cultivate excellence among students through programs and extra-curricular activities that support academic, residential, and personal success.

This comprehensive framework prepares students to attain their educational goals as they learn to function successfully as leaders within a diverse, multicultural, and global society.

Our Values & Goals

Leadership, Citizenship, Service

  • Promote Student Responsibility/Accountability
  • Foster Student Success
  • Support Independence
  • Establish Tradition
  • Inspire Holistic Development
  • Promote Wellness
  • Cultivate and Embrace Diversity
  • Create Pride and Affinity
  • Provide the Lakeland Experience

Student-Centered, Student-Focused & Student-Driven

Our Program Goals:

Students who use our division’s services and participate in our programs, initiatives, and employment through Students Affairs will develop individual and professional skills to succeed at Lakeland University and beyond.

Students will develop:

  • Ensure students feel welcome, valued and connected
  • Place students in experiences that provide appropriate level of challenge
  • Set short-term and long-term goals and connect efforts to desired outcomes
  • Recognize students have domain specific goals
  • Help students navigate our expectations and culture
  • Recognize achievement as it occurs
  • Encourage students to see setbacks as learning opportunities
  • Make room for recovery from early mistakes
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