Student Affairs & Campus Life

Our Mission

The Division for Student Affairs provides various developmental services, programs, and activities to residential and commuter students through employee and peer engagement that support the university’s mission, values, and goals. We cultivate excellence among students through programs and extra-curricular activities that support academic, residential, and personal success.

This comprehensive framework prepares students to attain their educational goals as they learn to function successfully as leaders within a diverse, multicultural, and global society.

Our Values & Goals

Leadership, Citizenship, Service

  • Promote Student Responsibility/Accountability
  • Foster Student Success
  • Support Independence
  • Establish Tradition
  • Inspire Holistic Development
  • Promote Wellness
  • Cultivate and Embrace Diversity
  • Create Pride and Affinity
  • Provide the Lakeland Experience

Student-Centered, Student-Focused & Student-Driven

Our Development Goals:

Students who use our division’s services and participate in our programs, initiatives, and employment through Students Affairs will develop individual and professional skills to succeed at Lakeland University and beyond.

Students will develop:

  • Students will demonstrate culturally appropriate interaction with others
  • Students will demonstrate cultural awareness (recognize, respect, and appreciate those different from themselves)
  • Students will seek knowledge and understanding of other cultures
  • Students will choose to interact with individuals different from themselves
  • How to foster an effective team environment
  • How and why creating an inclusive and respectful environment is important
  • Why being a socially responsible and ethical citizen matters
  • Why wellbeing is important
  • Provide experiences that allow students to recognize how their identity and strengths provide the framework for their leadership style
  • Demonstrate their responsibility and understanding for responsible and ethical choices
  • Recognize the role mindset plays in their success
  • Students will demonstrate awareness of community needs
  • Students will recognize personal skills and contribute those skills to the community
  • Students will motivate others to contribute their skills and experience for the betterment of others and the community