Academic Resources and Support Services


The mission of the Hayssen Academic Resource Center (the HARC) is to promote academic success for all students through quality academic coaching services, flexible study spaces, and supportive staff.  Services are free to all students currently enrolled at Lakeland.

The Hayssen Academic Resource Center (the HARC) is located on the 2nd floor of the Esch Library on Lakeland University’s main campus. Features include:

  • Academic coaching for subject-specific courses as well as writing and time management
  • Private study and exam rooms
  • Flex rooms for studying with large screen monitors and white boards
  • Casual study environment for individual and group work
  • Meeting space for student organizations
  • Director’s office
  • Engagement activities that bring our campus community together

Academic Coaching and Support Services

Helping students accomplish their educational and life goals, recognize their own potential, and succeed in an increasingly diverse and rigorous university environment.

The Hayssen Academic Resource Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Esch Library. Services are free and include the following

  • Individual and group academic coaching sessions by appointment for most undergraduate courses and majors of study
  • In-person or virtual academic coaching sessions
  • Academic coaches trained in study skills and time management
  • Specialty trained writing coaches to support students with academic writing across all disciplines, in all courses.
  • Conversational practice for Spanish and Chinese courses
  • Academic strategic planning sessions with the HARC director
  • Test proctoring services for students with academic accommodations

In addition to main campus academic and writing coaches, students enrolled in Kellett courses have the option to use for assistance. Contact the HARC director for information.

The Hayssen Academic Resource Center is open whenever the Esch Library is open. See Esch Library hours of operation.

Karen Eckhardt, Director
920-565-1021 ext. 2115

Hours of operation
Karen Eckhardt
Exterior photo of the Esch Library.

Questions about academic coaching?

Whether you are trying to pass a course, develop a research paper, or maintain a high GPA, working with an academic coach can be extremely helpful.  Academic coaches are experienced and qualified students who can help you understand course concepts, prepare for tests or quizzes, and complete course assignments.  

Students often attribute their college success directly to working with academic and writing coaches from the beginning of their experience at Lakeland.

There are many ways to connect with writing, academic, and time management coaches.  Our faculty and advisors at Lakeland may suggest that you meet with a HARC coach and can assist in getting you connected.  Your Success Network in Starfish will list all of the HARC coaches that are available in each of your classes, as well as writing and time management coaches who can work with students in any class.  The HARC director can also assist in getting you connected to the HARC coaches.

When meeting with a writing coach, it helps to have the assignment details from the professor and two copies of the paper you are working on.  Our writing coaches are specifically trained to assist you in developing your own skills as a writer, not to edit your paper for you.

When meeting with a subject or course specific coach, it is helpful to bring your course required materials such as your textbook, handouts, and syllabus.  It also helps to bring along your lecture or lab notes and any past quizzes or exams that you would like to focus on.

When meeting with a time management coach, the first appointment is to assist you in determining what type of planning system will work best for you.  Our time management coaches will introduce you to various online schedulers, paper planners, and other instruments to help you improve your organization skills.  Students often meet with their time management coach weekly to maintain their schedules and to be sure all of their deadlines and due dates are met.

You and your coach will select a time and location to meet on campus or virtually. Students and coaches meet in the HARC, the library, the Wehr Center, the computer lab, the science lab, or in the Campus Center. Coaching sessions can be a brief 15-minute check-in or up to two hours depending on the complexity of the course material. Be sure to allow for adequate time to make the most of your coaching appointment.

Your active participation is necessary when meeting with an academic or writing coach. Working with a coach is not a quick fix, but rather a process designed to improve study skills and increase understanding of course content.

The academic and writing coaches are trained to work with each student, identifying their areas of need, and to assist the student with developing a deeper understanding of the course content. Academic coaches may assist the student with developing study guides, reviewing course notes, and understanding homework requirements. Academic coaches are also available for conversational practice for Spanish and Chinese courses.

Writing coaches support students at all phases of the writing process. They can assist students in brainstorming topics, organizing and developing ideas, researching, polishing a draft, or citing sources. Although they are not proofreaders, they can help students identify and correct patterns of error in their own work, once the draft is complete.

Go to and select Starfish.

  1. If the My Success Network page does not appear, select the menu icon in the upper left of the screen, and select My Success Network.
  2. Under How can we help? Locate current academic, time management and writing coaches available to you for each subject or course.

To Schedule a Coaching Appointment through Starfish

  1. Select the down arrow next to the appropriate coach and select Schedule.
  2. Select Academic Coaching Center, then select Coaching, and select Continue.
  3. Select the date and time option when you want to meet and select Continue.
  4. Input information and select Confirm.
  5. A meeting invitation will be sent to your Outlook calendar with the details of your coaching appointment.

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