July 2020 – Muskie Pride

Safely reopening our campus this fall

The Lakeland family is at its best when we are learning and living together on campus. We are committed to providing an experience that delivers face-to-face interactions that follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and reflect current COVID-19 conditions in Sheboygan County. We will ensure that everyone’s experience is as interactive, productive and safe as possible. Be sure to visit our website for details about how we plan to safely reopen our campus.

Lakeland holds inaugural Juneteenth celebration, dedicates Black Lives Matter Plaza

Lakeland students and employees gathered Friday, June 19th, outside the Younger Family Campus Center to celebrate Juneteenth and dedicate a new space on campus to inspire Lakeland’s commitment to peace, equity and justice. LU Vice President for Campus Life David Simon, Jr., who organized Friday’s event, said Juneteenth will become an annual Lakeland summer celebration, and LU plans to expand the event to include Lakeland alumni beginning next June. Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.

Welcoming our Sheboygan County Scholars class of 2024

Lakeland University will welcome its sixth class of Sheboygan County Scholars to campus this fall.

This program retains some of the area’s most promising young people and prepares them to assume future leadership positions within the region.

The Class of 2024 includes:

Alycia Herr, a graduate of Sheboygan North High school;

Allison Klemme, a graduate of Sheboygan Falls High School;

Ethan Lilyquist, a graduate of Plymouth High School;

Sam Scharenbroch, a graduate of Sheboygan South High School.

Professor Karl Elder poem published in anthology

Fessler Professor of Creative Writing Karl Elder recently participated in a virtual launch of a new anthology from Local Gems Press of Long Island, N.Y., “Trees in a Garden of Ashes: Poetry of Resilience,” about the pandemic.  



Life only as full as it is empty,
you’ve chosen this lot, as if now sitting
cross-legged, fixed on a huge hickory,
without thought, the tree caught growing a ring.

Thing is . . . beneath trees you can’t always see
above, the soundest mind opines, nor wring
the self of the ken of identity
when light’s lost, insight sought in the squinting.

Which degree on your watch’s three-sixty
shall no such thing as time’s revved chainsaw sing
TIM-BER!, stir you aware this is the thee
blur—the snap, crackle, and whump—come crashing?

Whether hear it here or on heaven’s ground
depends upon definition of sound.

Retired LU professor has first novel published

Lakeland Professor Emeritus Jeff Elzinga recently published his debut novel, “The Distance Between Stars,” through Water’s Edge Press. Fast-paced and never dull, Elzinga’s novel plunges readers into a tense convergence of political and personal events where U.S. Consul Joe Kellerman must set aside his personal feelings to rescue an abrasive African American journalist who has gone rogue in the highlands of a volatile African country on the verge of civil war.

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