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Inclusive Post-Secondary College Education Program for Students with Intellectual Disability

Lakeland University's Life & Career Studies (LCS) Program provides a complete college experience for young adults between the ages of 18-25 who have an intellectual disability. LCS supports students with disabilities; providing them access to a similar college experience as their peers. The program focuses on four areas: academics, employment, independent living and community engagement.

academic, personal & professional growth

Inclusive & Engaging, Full-Time Residential Program

Based at Lakeland’s Main Campus in rural Sheboygan County, this inclusive and engaging, full-time residential program for students with intellectual disabilities features a four-year, personalized curriculum designed to promote academic, social, personal and professional growth. It fosters self-determination and provides a gateway to meaningful employment and independent and community living.

Lakeland is well positioned to offer this program given its commitment to diversity and inclusion, and expertise and experience in offering quality Cooperative Education programming that prepares students to succeed professionally, and lead ethical, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

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Inclusive & Personalized Instruction

Students attending the Life & Career Studies program are immersed in the rich resources of our university community—academics, arts, athletics, student life and career exploration. They attend regular academic and Cooperative Education classes as well as receive specialized instruction relating to independent and community living through a selection of seminars and 1:1 coaching tailored to their needs. They have the opportunity to complete an institutionally endorsed audited certificate comprising academic coursework consistent with their interests and plans for the future.


Preparation for Employment

Employment Related Instruction & Coaching

Preparation for meaningful employment is a major focus of the Life & Career Studies program. Because Lakeland University is a Cooperative Education school, employment-related instruction and coaching is integrated throughout a student’s curriculum—everything from resume development and interview practice to actual paid, on-the-job learning. The final year of study is devoted to a paid internship and transition.

Residential Living & Student Life

Athletics, Clubs, Concerts, Etc.

Students live in the university’s new residential housing, which opened in fall 2022. They have the opportunity to participate in Lakeland’s vibrant student life activities including athletics, clubs, concerts, guest speakers and other special events. They also have full access to the university’s wellness center and other facilities.

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Setting Students Up For Success ... at LU & Beyond!

Lakeland’s Life & Career Studies program is led by a program coordinator who serves as the students’ primary advisor. In addition to the many offices and staff on campus who assist the program, peer student mentors serve in a variety of roles to support students with academics, residential living and student life. Students’ employment experiences are supported through our award-winning Co-Op program.

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Life & Career Studies

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  • Students are 18-25 at time of admission.
  • Completed high school.
  • Documentation of an intellectual disability.
  • Motivation and commitment to attend college classes, complete programming, become employed and live independently.
  • Ability to follow Lakeland University’s student code of conduct, which is founded in the annual charge from our president: “Take care of yourself, take care of each other and take care of this place.”
  • Ability to manage hygiene, diet and medications with a minimal level of support.
  • Capacity to work independently and productively for one-and-half hours or more at a time, such as during a class.
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When applying for admission to the Lakeland’s Life & Career Studies program, students are asked to submit the following:

  1.  A completed application.
  2.  Official high school transcripts.
  3.  Documentation of intellectual disability including IEP, if available.
  4.  Written or digital statement addressing why you want to attend Lakeland’s Life & Career Studies program, including future life goals.
  5.  Survey forms identifying two individuals who can provide a recommendation, one from a community member or work supervisor, and the other from a teacher.
  6.  Individual Plan of Employment if working with DVR.
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Completed applications must be submitted by the first Friday in January to be considered in the first round of applicants. Rolling admissions will continue for all applications completed after that date. A completed application includes all materials listed under the "Application for Admission" dropdown. The admissions team will review each applicant’s file.

As a part of the admissions process, students will complete an interview on the Lakeland campus with the Life & Career Studies team. Areas to be assessed during the interview include:

  • Ability to focus and work independently for an hour-and-a-half, such as during class.
  • Support and encouragement of family members.
  • Absence of problematic behaviors (self-harm, disruptive behavior, etc.)
  • Personal disposition and maturity including ability to work with others effectively.
  • Capacity to manage self-care, hygiene and medication.
  • Skills to use a smart phone with texting capability.

Applicants will be notified in writing of either acceptance or denial. Decisions of the admissions team are final.

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The estimated annual cost of attendance for participation in the Life & Career Studies program is presented below:

  • TOTAL: $29,972
    • Program Fee: $17,000
    • General Fee $1,070
    • Student Activity Fee: $426
    • Room (Grosshuesch Hall, Double Occupancy): $5,690
    • Board (19-Meal All Access Plan): $5,786

*Does not include application fee, deposits, textbook or other expenses.


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