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Residence Life & On Campus Housing

Lakeland University's campus features a variety of student housing options with different layout and roommate options. Check out the details and floor plans of your new home away from home!

Residence Life

A Variety Of Housing Options

Many colleges, especially those embedded in big cities, offer cookie-cutter dorms and little else. But here at Lakeland, you’ll experience various types of residential environments and eventually settle into the one that suits your lifestyle best.

Variety of housing options at Lakeland

New Freshman & Sophomore Halls

Grosshuesch & Muehlmeier

In 2022, we opened new, state-of-the-art versions of Grosshuesch and Muehlmeier Halls. These identical halls are housing for freshmen and sophomores, and offer housing options for singles, doubles and triples. Each hall provides resident support functions including front desk area, vending, popular lounge spaces, kitchenettes, study rooms, gender-neutral bathrooms, laundry facilities, recycling centers, bottle-filling station and more.

Brotz Hall on Lakeland University's main campus

Housing Pods

Brotz Hall

Brotz Hall is located on the north end of the Lakeland campus. It offers a unique coed facility with room for 96 students on three floors. Brotz Hall features a pod-style layout. There are 12 pods with each pod containing three double rooms, two single rooms and two restrooms with shower and bath. A pair of pods share a large living area, kitchen, and study. The bedrooms are large and fully carpeted. Common areas include a comfortable lounge with a fireplace, a computer lab, classrooms and plenty of study space. All facilities are smoke-free.

Floor Plan
Stephen A. Gould Hall

Apartment-Style Layout

Stephen A. Gould Hall

Lakeland's inviting two-story Stephen A. Gould Hall is an "L" shaped building that consists of two housing sections separated by the Pub. It features 64 beds in eight student housing apartments. Each housing pod in the new hall includes three double rooms, two single rooms, a living room, kitchen and two restrooms sharing a common counter area. The common activity area on the first floor is two stories high and includes a commons room, restrooms, and a small kitchen. It features a large fireplace and is designed for relaxation, study, meetings and special events. Gould hall houses chapter rooms for Lakeland's six Greek organizations. All facilities are smoke-free.

Floor Plan
Moreland House

Upperclassman Apartments

Hill, Kurtz & Morland Houses

Hill and Morland Houses are four-person apartments with two double rooms, a large living room, kitchen and study lounge. Kurtz House offers six-person apartments with two double rooms, two single rooms, two restrooms, a large living room and kitchen. Together, all of the apartments house 112 students. All three houses are fully furnished, air-conditioned and have carpeted living rooms and bedrooms. The houses also have lockable storage rooms within each four-unit section and feature either a patio or deck that overlooks the campus lagoon. All three houses have adjacent student parking. All three houses are smoke-free.

Floor Plan
A.M. Krueger Hall exterior and signage.

Other Housing

Krueger Hall

Krueger Hall, located on the north end of campus, is a residence hall that houses 98 students on four floors. Rooms in Krueger are generous in size and carpeted. A main lounge on the first floor is furnished with a big-screen television, piano, computer station, and adjacent kitchen. Smaller study lounges are available on other floors. All areas of Krueger are alcohol-free and smoke-free.

Floor Plan

Troy SeehaferDirector for Residence Life
Aubrey BerningApartments (Hill, Kurtz, Morland)Hall Director
Cal EvoniukGrosshueschHall Director
Justin Wahl AdameMuehlmeierHall Director

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