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Hub For Innovation

Lakeland has always been a hub for innovation.

In that spirit, our student-run businesses offer unparalleled experiential learning and small business management opportunities.

Students will be empowered to create, develop, manage, and lead business ventures while developing into the next generation of emerging leaders. These powerful experiences are part of a campus-wide initiative that instills an entrepreneurial mindset that is applicable across all majors.

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Our Mission & Goals

We transform Lakeland students into the next generation of innovative leaders by providing experiential and entrepreneurial learning opportunities that prepare students for diverse careers in a multi-faceted world.

Launch: Lakeland Student-Run Businesses will accomplish the following within the next two years:

1.) Prepare our Launch student workers, managers, and entrepreneurs for a multi-faceted world by funding 10% of paid experiential learning opportunities offered both on and off-campus.

2.) Establish two off-campus investment opportunities, expanding the student-run business enterprise while creating innovative, entrepreneurial opportunities for Lakeland and its students.

3.) Expand awareness of Launch: Lakeland Student-Run Businesses to increase retention and recruitment at Lakeland University.

4.) Strive to increase operational efficiencies by 5% in Lakeland’s on-campus businesses through our services, including vendor pricing, marketing, job creation, hiring, and strategic planning that leads to financial gain.

Launch Ventures

Lakeland students are currently running the following businesses:

Elementastic offers after-school programs, interactive science shows, birthday parties, in-school field trips, as well as public and company events performed by Launch student workers.

Programs are designed to nourish children’s curiosity by providing hands-on, engaging experiments that provide insights and understanding while being fun and entertaining. Children are encouraged to observe, try, ask questions, and be surprised.

Programs can be booked now for summer and the 2021-22 school year. To book an event or for any questions about Elementastic, please email

Visit Elementastic

Musko's Campus Shop's purpose is to provide the Lakeland community with quality merchandise and memorable service through continued innovation and eco-friendly practices, matched with a skilled Lakeland student workforce, to ensure a seamless shopping experience that will be the cornerstone for Launch's financial success.

Musko's Campus Shop's online store is now open! Click below to visit our site! 

The 1,000 square foot on-campus store, located in the Wehr Center lobby, is aimed to open at the start of fall semester.

For the latest updates make sure to follow Musko's Campus Shop's Facebook: and Instagram:

Email for any questions.

Click Here to Visit Musko's Campus Shop!

Launch planned this year's Sheboygan Memorial Day Parade, Lakeland University's Golf Tournament: The Blasters, the Sheboygan Gus Macker 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, and a concessions stand at Road America.

Please contact Ali Wilson,, for additional information.

Lakeland University's Develop U program offers LOCAL, customized approaches to professional growth. Our workshops and training programs are affordable, engaging and flexible - providing employees with high-quality professional development opportunities.

For questions about Lakeland University's Develop U workshops, contact Kym Leibham at 920-565-1023 ext. 2155 or email her at

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Nonprofit Division provides local nonprofit agencies with temporary and/or long-term staff at little to no cost. The goal is to increase the effectiveness of local nonprofit organizations by providing outstanding students to fill administrative and professional roles or customized projects or events. Additionally, this business’s team works with area nonprofits as they consider consolidating resources to improve efficiencies and collaboration for greater impact in the community. Some of the nonprofits currently being served by Lakeland University are The Above & Beyond Children’s Museum, The Stefanie H. Weill Center for the Performing Arts, the Boys & Girls Clubs and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

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Unparalleled Experiential Learning

Become A Leader

Lakeland is excited to invite students to apply for an unparalleled experiential learning and small business management opportunity that will set graduates apart from the competition. At the core of our student-run businesses will be the people – Lakeland University students. Students will:

  • Make decisions
  • Be responsible for financial success
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Lead teams
  • Strategize and innovate for long-term success
  • Be responsible for providing valuable income for many Lakeland students
Student presenting her work.
New Positions Posted Below

New Positions Posted Below

Apply Today!

Launch: Lakeland Student-Run Businesses is excited to announce our new Launch student staff positions available and the Nonprofit positions funded through Launch's Nonprofit Wage Collaboration! See below!

Student Positions: Who Should Apply?

Are you entrepreneurial? Are you self-motivated, accountable, and eager? Do you want a professional experience that will set you apart from your peers?

We have hired the inaugural leadership team, but check out the great positions listed below for our staff positions and for local nonprofits!

New Positions:

Launch: Lakeland Student-Run Businesses is excited to announce our new Launch student staff positions available and the Nonprofit positions funded through Launch's Nonprofit Wage Collaboration!

Launch is currently seeking well-organized, customer focused, high-energy team players to serve the roles as the Musko’s Campus Shop sale associates.

As a Sales Associate you are accountable for all operations of the store, including finance, merchandising, inventory, customer service, and campus relations.

Apply by: December 18, 2021, at 1:00 pm!

Apply Here!

Perform science demonstrations to groups of children in after-school programs, in-school classroom visits, birthday parties, and summer programs.

This is a sporadic position, meaning you may have another primary on-campus paid position and work occasionally for Elementastic, as long as you stay within 20-hours (school year) or 40-hours (summer). Remember, you may also hold an off-campus job, which allows this job to be a great additional income opportunity.

Work 2-3 1-hour sessions per month based on your schedule. Note: positions available all year.

Wage: $20/hr PLUS paid drive time!

Apply by: September 30, 2021, at 11:55 pm!

Apply Here!

Making Spirits Bright is looking for a part-time designer to create and implement their new website. The candidate will be expected to meet occasionally for in-person meetings and be a part of and answer to the Making Spirits Bright Marketing Team. The website is most active leading up to the event (October-November) and during the actual event (Thanksgiving-New Year's Eve). During this time, website updates will be required on a regular basis. Website design experience is a must. Working may be completed remotely with the exception of an occasional in-person meeting or reviews. Making Spirits Bright has two goals - collect pantry items for Sheboygan County Food Bank and provide exciting and affordable family entertainment.

Apply by: September 18, 2021, at 1:00 pm!

Apply Here!

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Market programs and services in the community through the utilization of print collateral, networking, relationship building, advertising, social media, etc.
  2. Assist in the creation of fundraising events.
  3. Reconcile bank and trust accounts.
  4. Interact with consumers over the phone and schedule appointments as necessary, building rapport and helping callers feel at ease.
  5. Other duties as specified by the Director of Operations/Executive Director.

Estimated Salary: $10.00/hr.

Apply by: October 1, 2021, at 12:00 am!

Apply Here!

Responsibilities include:

1. Understand and support the organizational mission.

2. Create and maintain weekly website blog with aid of Outreach committee and Land Manager.

3. Take, access and use photos to tell organization’s story: Get out onto the properties and take photos, videos (fun!)

4. Improve and maintain e-news presence and effectiveness

5. And more!

Apply by: December 30, 2021, at 8:00 am!

Apply Here!

Student Executives

Meet Lakeland University’s student executives who will shape and operate the institution’s new student-run business operation. These students will create, develop, manage and lead both on-campus and off-campus business ventures while assisting in developing the next generation of emerging leaders who will be positioned for post-graduation employment.

2020 SRB Amanda Brandt

Amanda Brandt, of Kiel, Wis., will serve as Chief Marketing Officer and is responsible for successfully developing and implementing marketing strategies to help achieve the student-run businesses (SRB) objectives.

Amanda is on track to graduate in May of 2022 with a double major in business administration and marketing. Following graduation, she hopes to work as a manager in a marketing or communications department for a local business.

Her main goal is to use her communication skills to grow SRB and be a part of and a reason for its growth and success.

Amanda also is involved at Lakeland in Spanish Club, Enactus, and ELSA. She enjoys playing tennis, going to concerts and movies, and traveling.

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2020 SRB Curtiss Dokey

Curtiss Dokey, of Manitowoc, Wis., will serve as the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer and is responsible for identifying and implementing internal and external Lakeland student-run business (SRB) opportunities for financial growth.

Curtiss is on track to graduate in May of 2022 with an accounting major. He will be searching for a job in tax, and one day hopes to own his own tax firm.

His main goal is to use his financial skills to lay the foundation of this program so it can create more jobs for students and more opportunities for Lakeland and the community for many years.

“I enjoy thinking of new ideas and going a step further and finding out how much that idea costs, how feasible is it, and most importantly, how it makes money,” Curtiss said.

At Lakeland he is also involved with accounting club, fraud committee and the Cooperative Education program. He also enjoys the company of friends and family.

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2020 SRB Sydney Pingitore

Sydney Pingitore, of Kenosha, Wis., serves as President of Merchandising and is responsible for leading the development of the Launch Campus Shop business and operational plans and the opening of a new online and brick-and-mortar store.

Sydney is on track to graduate in May of 2022 with a marketing degree and Co-Op and retail management emphasis areas. Following graduation, she hopes to be regional or district manager for an athletic company like Nike, lululemon, Puma, etc. She ultimately aspires to own a retail franchise.

Sydney brings a background in retail to the team, and she plans to help generate revenue for Launch while gaining more experience in the retail industry by starting a business from the ground up that will create more job opportunities for Lakeland students.

Sydney has held multiple campus jobs including accounts payable assistant, reading teaching specialist, Blue & Gold Champion and junior admissions counselor. She is also a member of the LU volleyball team. In her free time she likes to shop, hangout with her best friends and play volleyball.

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John Putnam

John A. Putnam, of Plymouth, Wis., serves as President of the Nonprofit Division and Develop U and manages day-to-day operations of Lakeland’s nonprofit relationships and manages professional development workshops offered to local businesses as part of Launch.

John plans to graduate in 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and he hopes to become a forensic accountant for the U.S. Government.

John brings to his role knowledge in finances/accounting and problem-solving skills. His main goal is to achieve excellence through investing in Lakeland students and the surrounding communities by providing consistent, positive experiences and services through Launch.

John is involved in the Lakeland Jazz Band, Accounting Club and the Forensic Accounting Club. In his free time, he loves to read, play his instruments (he can play six different instruments), learn and hunt.

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Andrew Erbstoesser

Andrew Erbstoesser, of Union, Ill., serves as Launch Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for the day-to-day and ongoing impact of business operations, helping analyze, strategize, and grow the financial position of Launch.

Andrew is on track to graduate in 2023 with a major in accounting and an economics minor, and he hopes to work in financial analysis after graduation.

His goal is to use his accounting knowledge to benefit Launch and learn more about how to manage a business so that in the future he can manage his own business.

At Lakeland, he is also involved in baseball, golf and the accounting club. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing and playing video games with friends.

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Clare Kelnhofer

Clare Kelnhofer, of Brandon, Wis., serves as Elementastic President. She is responsible for leading the strategy, planning, and growth of Elementastic.

Clare is on track to graduate in 2024 with a double major in computer science (with an emphasis in data analytics) and business administration (with emphasis in economics). Following graduation, her goal is to work as a business analyst.

Clare plans to get more publicity and opportunities for Elementastic to present and showcase the business together as a team, and she’ll rely on her organization skills and persistence in getting those goals met and creating the best experience for everyone.

At Lakeland, Clare is a member of the women's tennis team, a Student Ambassador, a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Honor Society, Color Guard Team, Tech Club and Study Abroad program. In her spare time, she enjoys playing sports and spending time with family and friends. She also likes exploring nature and spends time at the state parks or on the lakes in Wisconsin. She loves to travel and has been to Germany.

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Board of Advisors




Monique BrickhamAssistant Professor of Graphic DesignLakeland University
Michael JaberCoordinator of Instructional TechnologySheboygan Area School District
Jennifer KrugelHR Business PartnerRockline Industries
Ryan Kauth
Senior Vice-President of Lending
Green Leaf Bank
Nick O'BrienEntrepreneurSelf-Employed
Kristin Stearns
Lakeshore Community Health Care
Donna Wendlandt
CEOSheboygan County YMCA
Dante Williams
High-Level Operations
Nolan Transportation Group (NTG)
Ray York
Business Counselor / Entrepreneurship Specialist
Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC)

Your Monthly Launch Update

Campus Shop Opening

On Thursday, September 9th, the Launch team, and the rest of the Lakeland community celebrated the grand opening of Musko’s Campus Shop. Students, faculty, staff, and community members were welcomed to shop in the brand new on-campus store featuring a wide range of never seen before merchandise items.

At noon, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place where David Gallianetti, Director of External Relations, shared remarks on behalf of President Borgen, praising the Launch team for their hard work and successful venture. The Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce was also present to recognize Musko’s Campus Shop as a new business in the community. The ribbon was cut by Sydney Pingitore, President of Merchandising who was responsible for leading the student-run venture.

Attendees were able to enter their name into a raffle drawing to win a new apparel item, as well as take pictures with Lakeland’s mascot, Musko.

Overall, the event was a success with the store’s second highest sales record!

We appreciate everyone who came out and supported us that day.

In case you were unable to attend, you can visit Musko’s Campus Shop located in the Wehr Center lobby.

Click Here to Email the Shop!

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