About Elementastic:

Elementastic experiments inspire elementary students as they question, seek answers and explore the wonders of STEM.

Delivered by Lakeland University students, the age-appropriate programs are offered through after-school, hands-on laboratories, in-class laboratories, group shows and community event hands-on laboratories in Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Fond du Lac and Brown Counties.

We help energize young minds and learn about STEM in ways they understand. Some of our popular laboratories include:

  • Glow-in-the-dark slime, or slime and goos of any kind
  • Learning about the science of diapers
  • Light, colors and shadows
  • Making ice cream without a freezer
  • Science in motion

The mission of the Launch venture is to transform Lakeland students into the next generation of innovative leaders by providing paid experiential and entrepreneurial learning opportunities that prepare students for diverse careers in a multi-faceted world. Lakeland students are empowered to create, develop, manage, and lead business ventures. These experiences are part of a campus-wide initiative that instills an entrepreneurial mindset that is applicable across all majors.

Elementastic works with Lakeland’s education and science programs, allowing LU students to gain real-world experience in their field. Elementastic is launching the way for future scientists.

Our Services:

Parents we have a convenient opportunity for your student to stay at school for one hour of fun and hands-on STEM exploration. Through small group (max 15), grade-appropriate experiments, your child will continue to explore STEM.

Duration: 1-hour a week for 4 weeks (dates vary per school)

Large group of students as an assembly at the school with multiple grade levels. This event is not student interactive. Students will watch an Elementastic team member demonstrate experiments. Bring a group of students together to be entertained by the Elementastic team through STEM experiments.

Duration: 1-hour presentation

Targeted class-year specific workshops and demonstrations. Collaboration between teacher and Elementastic to deliver intriguing STEM experiences enhancing classroom learning.

Duration: 1-hour hands-on workshop

Customized opportunities for demonstrations and hands-on experiments for corporate family events, libraries and community events. Programs are tailored to the client need, budget and time. Add interest to your event or programming with interactive, hands-on STEM experiments sure to draw attendance. Elementastic works with you to develop fun and engaging opportunities for the whole family.

Meet the Team:

Emily Bringer

Hi, I'm Emily, and I am a Business Administration major with an emphasis in HR. I graduated from Grant Community High School and am starting my Senior Year at Lakeland University. I am a collegiate athlete and enjoy spending time with my friends. Being the manager has taught me a lot and I am still learning more each day.

I enjoy being the manager of Elementastic because it gives me a learning experience I can't get in the classroom.

Hailey VanStelle

Hi, I'm Hailey, and I am majoring in K-9 Education and minoring in Spanish. I currently work at Kwik Trip, but in the past I taught kids grades K-8 art and music, supervised their online classes, and worked in childcare centers for my practicum.

I chose to work for Elementastic because I want to work with kids and help make science interesting and exciting.

Courtney Krabbe

Hi, I'm Courtney, and I am an Education major with an expected graduation date of Spring 2023. I am a full time mom of 2, full time student, and part time x-ray tech. I have been working in healthcare for 10 years and have decided to make a career change to help shape our nations children.

I chose to work for Elementastic for the love of both science, and learning. I love to be able to see children’s faces light up and be engaged in learning.

Madeline Buechel

Hi, I'm Madeline, and I am an Elementary and Middle Education Major. Over the summer I have worked at a daycare in Sheboygan and have also taught Sunday School for 5 years.

I chose to work for Elementastics because of the great opportunity to practice teaching as well as having a fun and educational experience.

Emily Bird

Hi, I’m Emily, and I am majoring in Middle Childhood Education (grades 1-8) with a minor in English Education. While at Lakeland, I have held various on-campus job positions such as a Writing Tutor, Registrar’s Office Assistant, Convocation Monitor, and Volleyball Academic Captain. During the summer, I work for Wisconsin Vision Associates as an order fulfiller. As for my previous experiences working with kids, I have worked at my high school’s daycare program and volunteered for multiple children’s programs near my hometown.

I chose to work for Elementastic because this is an amazing opportunity to work with children, enhance my teaching skills, and, overall, create a fun learning experience for the kids.

Fatima Abdullahi

Hi, I'm Fatima, and I'm a Biology major. I was born and raised in Kuwait but now live in Sheboygan. My hobbies are fishing, outdoor activities and spending time with family and friends.

I chose to work for Elementastic because I enjoy studying science. Every day you learn some new information even after you finish school, and I'd like to share the reason why I choose science as my lifetime career.

Kyle Reitmeier

Hi, I'm Kyle, and I'm a senior majoring in Chemistry. I am from a small town called Armstrong, Illinois. I currently work as a research assistant on solar technology. After college, I plan to work in the solar business as either a solar chemist or solar engineer.

I chose to work for Elementastic because part of the reason I got into science was because my school would invite a similar group to my school every year to do science demonstrations.

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