Lakeland University's Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics & Justice

Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics & Justice

Named after Rev. Dr. Reinhard Ulrich, distinguished professor, ethicist and pastor who served at Lakeland from 1964 to 2001, the Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics and Justice invites members of the Lakeland community, and surrounding communities, to explore intersections between faith, ethical discernment, and social justice. The Ulrich Center is home to Lakeland’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives, providing leadership, support, and inspiration to the Lakeland and Sheboygan County communities.

The Ulrich Center is funded through the generosity of a significant gift from the Wisconsin Conference UCC's Forward in Faith campaign, Lakeland alumni and friends and numerous UCC congregations through the Wisconsin Conference UCC. The exploration of these intersections and the commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is guided by Lakeland's Christian heritage and its intentional relationship with the United Church of Christ.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Committed to Justice and Equity

Lakeland University is committed to the challenging and essential work of justice and equity. Justice and equity work at Lakeland aims to promote and foster an environment that supports diversity and inclusion for our students, faculty and staff with particular attention to those who have been traditionally marginalized based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, gender identity, religion, body size, nation of origin, immigration status and ability. Our commitment to justice and equity is deeply rooted in Lakeland’s mission and values and our United Church of Christ heritage. This includes appreciation of differing backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints and promotion and development of social justice initiatives. These initiatives include paying attention to policies and practices involving management, leadership, communication, resources, scholarship, classrooms, curriculum and community. It attends to the broader community of Sheboygan County, promoting justice and equity through relationships, leadership and educational resources. We recognize that this work is difficult and invite from one another both compassion and accountability, as together we learn and grow in our witness to equity, inclusion and justice.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
Ulrich Center Staff at Lakeland University

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This work is not just the job of one person or one department. Instead, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are woven throughout the university’s structure and overseen by multiple individuals. We want to work collaboratively with the entire Lakeland community, offering support, resources and encouragement.


Student Diversity, Equity & Belonging Initiatives

Promote Healthy Dialogue

The purpose of student diversity, equity, and belonging initiatives is to facilitate an inclusive environment where all students feel they belong; to provide educational opportunities that promote healthy dialogue regarding race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, class, and other differences; to guide the Lakeland community to a better understanding and respect of cultural differences and the importance behind them; and to advocate for systemic changes that promote justice for the underrepresented; and to assist those who feel led to speak out.

Student Diversity, Equity & Belonging Initiatives
International students at Lakeland University

Community Initiatives

The Ulrich Center offers numerous programs and services to the entire Lakeland community and to Sheboygan County.

  • 2022 - "Nurturing a New Vision of Equity and Inclusion for People with Disabilities in the Academy, Church and Public Square” featuring Dr. Diana Ventura
  • 2021 - Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • 2020: “Faithful Citizenship for Beloved Community” featuring Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson (held as Zoom webinar)
  • 2019: “Beating Guns: Hope for People Who Are Weary of Violence” featuring Shane Claiborne
  • 2018: Christian Wyman, in conjunction with Great Lakes Writers Festival
  • 2017: “An Uncertain Sound: From Irrelevant Social Clubs to Sacrificial Places of Disruption” featuring Honorable Rev. Everett Mitchell
  • 2016: “Love in a Time of Resentment: Seeking Religion in Today’s Politics” featuring Phil Haslanger
  • 2015: “The Beginning of Wisdom: Happiness, Success and the Book of Proverbs” featuring Stephen B Reid
  • 2014: “The Burning Bush –Faith and Advocacy for the 100%” featuring Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS
  • 2013: “A Journey of Faith and Hope in Haiti” featuring Margaret Trost
  • 2012: “Living the Faith: Reclaiming the Common Good in our Public Schools” featuring Rev. Dr. Emilie Townes
  • 2023: “A Holocaust Survivor’s Story” featuring Marty Thau.
  • 2022: “Hurt People Hurt People: Using a Mental Health Focus to Address and Prevent Domestic and Foreign Terrorism” featuring Pardeep Kaleka. In-person and streamed for viewing off campus.
  • 2021: “Faithfully Queer: Moving from Acceptance to Affirmation in the Church” featuring Rev. Heidi Carrington Heath and Rev. Dr. Emily Carrington Heath (held as Zoom webinar) 
  • 2020: Starsky Wilson was scheduled for Mar. 31; CANCELLED due to COVID
  • 2019: “Modern Response to Modern Day Slavery” featuring Sr. Joan Dawber
  • 2018: “Compassion and Justice- the Dual Imperative of Mission and Ministry in Today’s World” featuring Dr. Alice Graham
  • 2017: “Muslims as a Force for Good and Healing in America” featuring Rami Nashashibi CANCELLED due to weather
  • 2016: Panel Discussion “Refugee Stories of Hope and Challenge”
  • 2015: “Economic Freedom” featuring Rev. Dr. Serene Jones
  • 2014: “Living Stones: Christian Presence in Palestine/Israel” featuring Dr. Peter Makari
  • 2013: “When Spiritual but not Religious is not Enough” featuring Rev. Dr. Lillian Daniel
  • 2012: “Passion for Action: Intersections of Faith, Humanity, and the World’s Deepest Need” featuring Rev. Shari Prestemon
  • 2011: “Celluloid Saviours: Cinema as Religion” featuring Lee Barrett, Ph. D.
  • 2010: “Unity, Identity and Relationship: God’s Call for Reconciliation” featuring Rev. Lydia Veliko
  • 2009: “The Drama of the Scriptures” featuring Rev. Stephen P. Savides



    • Violence and Silence” featuring Dr. Jackson Katz (fall) 
    • “Myths, Realities, and Strategies: Legal and Christian Responses to Human Trafficking” featuring Letitia Campbell, Tanya Asim Cooper and Jeffrey Baker (spring)


    • “Confronting Rape Culture on College Campuses and Main Street” with Dr. Meredith Minister (spring)


    • “Gun Violence - The Facts behind the Statistics: A Panel Discussion” featuring Elizabeth Abler, Joe DeCecco, and Ann MacPhetridge (fall)
    • “Doctrine of Discovery” featuring Larry Littlegeorge and Rev. Rob McDougall” (spring)


    • “Medical Ethics Colloquy” featuring Beth Clark (fall)




    • Understanding HMONG Religious Culture” featuring Vue Yang
    • “Protecting the Rohingya People from Ongoing Genocide and International Obligation” featuring U Shwe Maung and Shaukhat Kyaw Soe Aung Ali


    • “Introducing Orthodox Judaism” featuring Rabbi Wesley Kalmar and Dr. Jessica Kalmar


    • “Understanding Buddhism” featuring Dr. Paul Norton
    • “Tragedy and Testimony” featuring Dr. Dan Jaumschild, Dr. Chima Korieh, and Dr. Kathrine Wilson
    • “Interfaith Panel on Islam” featuring Delwar Mian, Sami Khatib and Rev. Dr. Karl Kuhn, Moderated by Rev. Lex Cade-White
    • Trip to Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center


    • “Introducing Orthodox Judaism” featuring Rabbi Wesley Kalmar and Dr. Jessica Kalmar
    • “Understanding Religious Extremism” featuring Dr. Karl Kuhn
    • “Introducing the Church of Latter Day Saints Tradition” featuring Dr. Paul White
    • “The Fullness of Faith: An Interfaith Panel” featuring representatives from Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Beth El Synagogue and First Christian Reformed Church
    • 2022: "Deep Waters” featuring Rev. Dr. Christopher Grundy
    • 2021: “Is God Real? Why Does it Matter?” featuring Bryan Sirchio and Jacob Nault 
    • 2019: “How to be the Kind of Person You Learned to be in Sunday School” featuring staff and counselors from United Church Camps
    • 2018: “Faith that Matters: Finding it, Living it, Sharing it” featuring Bryan Sirchio
    • 2017: “In the Earthquake, Fire, and the Still, Small Voice: Listening for God in our Lives” featuring Rev. Dr. Steve Savides and Dee Savides
    • 2016: “Valuing Others: It’s good for everyone” featuring Charlie Krebs
    • 2015: “Confronting Evil with the Love of Jesus” featuring Bryan Sirchio

    2023: “Surviving the Lectionary” featuring Rev. Dr. Karl Kuhn.

    Safe in the lake badge

    Safe in the Lake is a program created by the Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics, and Justice to train and equip Lakeland community members to be active and compassionate allies to members of the LGBTQ+ community. The program is designed to align with Lakeland’s mission of fostering an emotionally and physically safe community by helping to create a network of community members who promote education, awareness, and acceptance and who provide confidential support for Lakeland community members of all sexual orientations and gender expressions.

    More information: 

    Essence of Heritage at Lakeland University


    • Feb. 25, 2023


    • Feb. 6, 2023: Service led by Darryl Moore and Lakeland Students
    • January 17, 2022: Virtual MLK Service “Community Across Quarantine: Unmasking Our Neighbors” a collaboration between the Black Student Union and the Chaplain’s office. Featuring Shaunielle McDonald along with Ifrah Abdullahi, Essence Blade-Simpson, Stenisha Bowen, and other Lakeland students.
    • January 18, 2022: MLK Lunch, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Campus Center, 2nd Floor
    • March 27-31, 2023. Pride Service on 3/31 at 4:00 p.m. in the Ley Chapel.
    • March 27-31, 2022

    Check back soon for more information!

    Upcoming Event:
    • April 15, 2023
    Ulrich Scholars at Lakeland University

    Explore Faith, Ethics, and Social Justice

    Ulrich Scholars Program

    The Ulrich Scholars Program offers renewable scholarships ranging between $1,000 and $3,000 per year for incoming students who are interested in exploring the intersections of faith, ethics and social justice. The goal of the program is primarily two-fold: to strengthen Lakeland’s religion and social justice studies programs and to create additional opportunities for our students and other community members to engage in social justice initiatives.

    Once admitted to Lakeland, students can apply via their Future Muskie Portal!


    • Meet Lakeland requirements for admissions.
    • Submit Ulrich Scholars Application with 500-word essay through the Future Muskie Portal.
    • Priority consideration will be given to applicants with a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.2.
    • Must major or minor in Religion or Social Justice Studies


    • Declare and maintain satisfactory academic progress towards a major or minor in religion or social justice studies
    • Passion for exploring the intersection of faith, reason, and justice in dialogue with peers, Lakeland faculty and members of the community
    • Participate in the programming of the Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics and Justice
    • Pursue social justice advocacy on-campus and in the local community

    Additional Resources


    The Committee on Mission and Equity (CME) reviews institutional policies, procedures and practices of our community life, and collaborates inclusively on the challenging and essential work of justice and equity across the university, to ensure that we are serving one another and our students in ways that best embody our Mission and Values.

    1. Review and propose revisions to institutional policies, procedures and practices of our community life, such as disciplinary procedures, grievance policy, hiring practices, onboarding practices, separation practices, handbooks, housing arrangements, and facilities.
    2. Review and propose revisions to institutional documents to ensure the use of language respecting the diversity of our community members.
    3. Train and authorize members to serve on grievance committee.
    4. In consultation with the Ombuds and others, Identify DEIB strengths, issues and opportunities within all aspects of Lakeland University, and propose actions to empower growth and change.
    5. Work with the Director of Mission & Equity, the Director of the Ulrich Center, and Human Resources in order to resource professional and curricular development, and support community initiatives, that provide students, faculty, and staff with a foundation for increasing intercultural competence and equity across campus.
    6. Anticipate and respond to acute issues and needs, whether local, national, or international.

    Current members

      • University President: Beth Borgen
      • Director of the Ulrich Center: Julie Mavity Maddalena
      • Director of Mission & Equity: Flossie Siebert
      • Chaplain-Ethicist: Julie Mavity Maddalena
      • HR Representatives: Jim Jones, Corissa Elfrid

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    Due to Lakeland's historic ties to the United Church of Christ, we are pleased to offer the opportunity for UCC members to audit one Religion (REL) course per semester for the cost of $100.00 (This rate applies only to religion courses offered for traditional students at the main campus. No credit is earned for an audited course. (Members of other denominations may audit at the cost of $200.00 per course.)

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