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Here at Lakeland, the study of religion is grounded in the Christian theological tradition, and guided by our relationship with the United Church of Christ. What this means is that we study religion here at Lakeland in a spirit of respect, generosity, and curiosity. We do this not despite the fact that we are grounded in the Christian tradition, but because of it.

We lead students to encounter a diverse range of religious traditions, and encourage them to shape their own understanding of the sacred through critical inquiry, dialogue with peers and professors, and mindful reflection.

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Religion at Lakeland University

Religion at Lakeland University

Religion has played a monumental role in shaping our world – as well as our institution. But religion is not just an interesting relic from the past. One of Lakeland’s institutional values is “Faith and Religious Expression.” By stating this, we claim faith as a valuable resource many draw upon to guide their understanding of the world and their place in it.

The impact of religion on individuals, communities, and cultures continues to be indisputably powerful. It shapes much of our public discourse. It is integral to many people’s perspectives on politics, interpersonal relationships, and justice. Religion still matters—a lot.

“I love that our program offers deep dives into Christian traditions as well as introductions to a broader set of religious communities. In my courses we explore a wide range of theological ideas and ethical implications, from the earliest days of Christianity through contemporary understandings of a God who is still speaking about the ways love and justice intersect with realities of race, sex, gender, sexuality, nationality, class, ability, and beyond.”
— Rev. Dr. Julie Mavity Maddalena

“In classrooms characterized by respectful dialogue, students encounter and together reflect upon poignant and powerful testimonies to what it means to live righty with God, one another, and creation. Students are often transformed by that encounter, and empowered to claim more fully their calling as agents of God.”
— Rev. Dr. Karl Kuhn

What Makes Our Program Unique?

  • Connecting religious faith to philosophy and social justice
  • Engaging a wide variety of religions alongside the Christian tradition
  • A supportive environment that challenges but does not indoctrinate students
  • Numerous opportunities to engage leading thinkers and participate in formative experiences through our Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics, and Justice
  • A Cooperative Education track to gain valuable work experience that also results in a Social Justice Studies minor
  • Students with a special interest in exploring the intersections between faith, ethics and social justice can apply to become an Ulrich Scholar and receive a substantial scholarship

Students who have successfully completed a B.A. in Religion from Lakeland University will be able to:

  • Articulate their vocational interests by reflecting on course materials and their engagement in vocational settings.
  • Articulate similarities and differences within and between religious traditions.
  • Evaluate the dynamic interplay between religious thought, practice, and context.
  • Demonstrate critical analysis of scriptural or doctrinal traditions.
  • Demonstrate critical analysis of their own religious beliefs.


What are some careers available to me?
Religious Educator
Youth Minister
Nonprofit Community Organizer

Cooperative Education

Our religion program is not confined by the walls of a classroom. Far from it! Through our Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics, and Justice, students will have the opportunity to engage insightful thinkers and leaders from across the country, representing various religious traditions.

Religion majors can also take advantage of the innovative Cooperative Education track the program offers. Students will gain hands-on, immersive, credit-bearing and paid experience, building their resumé as they learn in and outside the classroom. Our Cooperative Education track also results in a Social Justice Studies (SJS) minor.

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$1,000 - $3,000 Renewable Scholarships

Students with a special interest in exploring the intersections between faith, ethics and social justice can also apply to become an Ulrich Scholar and receive a substantial scholarship to support their learning at Lakeland.

Expectations of Ulrich Scholars include:

  • Declare and maintain satisfactory academic progress towards a major or minor in religion
  • Bring a passion for exploring the intersection of faith, reason and justice in dialogue with peers, Lakeland faculty and members of the community
  • Participate in the programming of the Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics and Justice Thought
  • Pursue social justice advocacy on campus and in the local community

After gaining acceptance to Lakeland, you can apply for this scholarship through your Future Muskie Portal.

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First Time Freshman

  • Step 1: Complete an application online.
  • Step 2: Submit official high school transcripts directly to Lakeland University.

Transfer Students

  • Step 1: Complete an application online.
  • Step 2: Request official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended to be sent directly to Lakeland University.
    • Students who have NOT completed 12 transferrable credits MUST submit official high school transcripts.

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Admission Requirements

Once your application is received, your Lakeland University admissions counselor will be in touch.

  • Lakeland University accepts a high school diploma with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above or the equivalent of a high school diploma.
  • Lakeland University accepts transfer students who have earned at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA and are in good standing at other accredited institutions of higher learning.
  • We review each application on an individual basis.

*Exceptions to the above admission criteria may be granted for students with a cumulative GPA range from 1.75 to 1.99 if the academic experience that resulted in the less than 2.0 GPA was more than two years ago. Furthermore, typically students with a cumulative GPA range from 1.50 to 1.75 will only be considered if the poor academic performance experience that resulted in the less than 2.0 GPA was more than five years ago. Students receiving an exception will be admitted conditionally.

Meet Our Religion Faculty

Academic Affairs | Ulrich Center |
Main Campus (Traditional) |
Julie Mavity Maddalena, Ph.D.

Julie Mavity Maddalena, Ph.D.

University Chaplain, Ethicist in Residence, Director of the Ulrich Center, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Academic Affairs | Ulrich Center |
Main Campus (Traditional) |
Karl Kuhn, Ph.D.

Karl Kuhn, Ph.D.

Professor of Religion, Grace Chair of Religious Studies

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