Religion at Lakeland University

Rich History and Tradition

Religion has played a monumental role in shaping our world – as well as our institution. Its impact has been, and continues to be, indisputably powerful. Along with its rich history and tradition, religion continues to spark important discussion, discovery and debate. Here at Lakeland, the religion program focuses on Christian theology, but Professor Karl Kuhn stresses that all religions – including Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism and Taoism – are explored.

Grow Spiritually and Intellectually

Gain Perspective

“Our goal is not to indoctrinate students in a particular religious perspective, but to help them have a developed sense of the Christian theological tradition as a whole,” says Kuhn, an ordained United Church of Christ minister who’s been at Lakeland University since 1999 and authored three books. “And we want our students to engage in a broad set of religious perspectives.”

Lakeland University began as a seminary of the church in 1862, a little more than a decade after German emigrants settled in Sheboygan. After Lakeland University expanded educationally and the seminary moved to Minnesota, Lakeland University continued to embrace religion as a part of its overall identity and heritage.

Just as religion once helped shape what would become Lakeland University, Lakeland University remains committed to helping interested students shape their broad-based knowledge of religion.

A Lakeland University student prays over a bible.
Hands of diverse religious group praying.

Expanding Horizons

Follow Your Path

  • To earn a major in religion from Lakeland University, a student must complete just 42 credits in the discipline. That relatively low number of required credits allows students to easily combine the religion major with other majors.
  • Students who major in religion will critically analyze and discuss biblical texts and comprehend the foundation and culture of religions other than Christianity.
  • The Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics and Justice provides an opportunity for reflection and education through numerous theological and ethics-related programs offered for students during the year.
  • There are no prerequisites or religion-based requirements for entering the religion program.
  • Career placement for students with a religion major includes work in churches, homeless shelters, campus ministries, elderly care centers and church camps.
  • Students who have a passion for social justice and plan to study religion are encouraged to apply for the Ulrich Scholars program, which offers one full tuition scholarship and up to 9 $20,000 renewable scholarships per year. See below for more details.
Reinhard Ulrich

Ulrich Scholars Program

(1) Full-Tuition and (9) $20,000 Renewable Scholarships

Expand your interest in social justice issues by becoming an Ulrich Scholar at Lakeland University. The Ulrich Scholars Program offers one full-tuition scholarship and up to nine $20,000 renewable scholarships per year for incoming students who are interested in exploring the intersections of faith, ethics and social justice.

Expectations of Ulrich Scholars include: 

  • Declare and maintain satisfactory academic progress towards a major or minor in religion
  • Bring a passion for exploring the intersection of faith, reason and justice in dialogue with peers, Lakeland faculty and members of the community
  • Participate in the programming of the Reinhard Ulrich Center for Philosophy, Ethics and Christian Thought
  • Pursue social justice advocacy on campus and in the local community

After gaining acceptance to Lakeland, you can apply for this scholarship through your Future Muskie Portal.

Apply Now!
A Lakeland University co-op student poses outside of the Osthoff Resort.

Experiential Education

Share Your Experiences

Lakeland's Cooperative Education program will provide Religion students with the ability to earn 12-18 months of full-time work experience, academic credit for their work, and a combination of scholarships and wages that will significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt.

Cooperative Education

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