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Lakeland grad continues education at Notre Dame Law School

Lakeland grad continues education at Notre Dame Law School


Lakeland grad continues education at Notre Dame Law School

This semester, Tayler Otten, a senior majoring in English and creative writing, is creating content for the Lakeland blog. This is the latest in a series of blog stories she's written.

As 2020 Lakeland graduate Kyle Ericsson completes his first year of law school at the University of Notre Dame, he credits his time at Lakeland and the Ulrich Scholars Program for opening his eyes and mind to social issues and the interactions between faith, ethics and justice.

"I think that getting to attend various talks and do various social projects with the Ulrich Scholars Program helped influence my goal of entering into public interest law," said Ericsson, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in religion. "The Ulrich Scholars Program is an amazing program that I cannot recommend enough for prospective students."

The Ulrich Center at Lakeland explores the intersections between faith, ethical discernment and social justice. The Ulrich Center provides students with opportunities to attend lectures and events and participate in community enrichment.

Through the guiding instruction of the Rev. Karl Kuhn, Ph.D., and the Rev. Julie Mavity Maddalena, Ph.D., Ericsson found a home with the Ulrich Center and the Religion program at Lakeland, citing the strength of the academic program as a source of his success. He credits Kuhn and Mavity Maddalena for shaping his education and time at Lakeland, preparing him for the academic rigor of graduate studies.

"Taking a religion or philosophy class with either Dr. Kuhn or Dr. Mavity Maddalena was one of the most transformative experiences in my undergraduate career," Ericsson said. "Dr. Kuhn and Dr. Mavity Maddalena helped me develop my critical thinking skills and my general worldview."

Through the friendship and teachings of his professors, Ericsson was able to dive into his love of religion and explore his interests in creating a better world for others through law.

As Ericsson continues his journey at Notre Dame Law School, he is eager to learn the different ways law can make a difference in people's lives. He hopes to land a role in a public interest-related law field.

"I am excited to see where I end up," he said.

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