Lakeland University Campus Recreation

Get Involved!

Get Involved at Lakeland University!

Lakeland University campus recreation program provides activities and sports for those who enjoy a structured approach to fitness. We offer a variety of sports and recreational activities to promote wellness. No practice or travel is required to participate. All games/activities are scheduled on or within campus facilities.

For more information, contact LaJill Edge, Director for Student Activities and Engagement, at 920-565-1000 ext. 1058 or!

Tournaments & Events

Lakeland hosts a variety of tournaments and events. Click the dropdowns below to learn more, and join in on the fun! 

  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Spikeball Tournament
  • Bags Tournament
  • Kickball Tournaments
  • Dodgeball Tournament
  • Ping Pong Tournament
  • Home Run Derby
  • Comedians/Magicians
  • ThinkFast Trivia
  • Laser Tag
  • Squid Games
  • Muskie Extravaganza
  • Tuesday Free Bowling
  • Six Flags Trip
  • Grocery Bingo
  • Lunch Time Trivia
  • Casino Night
  • Winter Carnival
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