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J. Garland Schilcutt School of Business, Science & Technology

J. Garland SchilcuttStudents enrolled in the J. Garland Schilcutt School of Business, Science & Technology will be challenged to demonstrate the habits of mind and character established by Professor Schilcutt. These challenges include knowledge of the business discipline, craft, and the larger context in which they operate. Students will also obtain an urbane awareness of the world combined with ethics that include subordination of self-interest for the common good and to the best interest of Lakeland University and its students.

Known affectionately as "Prof" to most who knew him, J. Garland Schilcutt arrived at Lakeland in January of 1958. He retired from full-time teaching at Lakeland in 2015, having served 57 years, the longest tenure of any employee in the institution's history. Though Schilcutt’s academic and programmatic contributions to Lakeland were enormous, they were dwarfed by the impact he had on the lives of individual students. To remember his vast impact, the Board of Trustees dedicated Lakeland's business school to Schilcutt, renaming the school after him in the fall of 2018.

Today, the faculty in Lakeland’s School of Business, Science & Technology do their best to honor "Prof" by continuing to prepare students for their careers after graduation. The majors within this school offer practical, career-based skill development within a liberal arts environment that teaches students the soft skills that today’s employers are consistently seeking.

We prepare students for the rigors of the workforce, professional schools or graduate schools. These opportunities work around your schedule, so feel free to join a sport, the band, the choir, the play, student organizations or one of our many program-specific organizations.

Why the School of Business, Science & Technology?

Get Started on Practical Experience and Your Career Path

Lakeland University's J. Garland Schilcutt School of Business, Science & Technology is inclusive of multiple majors, minors, and areas of focus. Our customized programs allow you to focus on your passions while developing professional skills that will help guide you toward your goals. 

Academic Catalog
Lakeland University students presenting research.
Lakeland University sport management student doing his co-op experience at local resort.

Cooperative Education

Learn, Work, Succeed!

Lakeland's award-winning Cooperative Education program is an exciting new way to earn a Lakeland degree, earn valuable professional experience and control the cost of college. Students have the ability to gain 12-18 months of full-time work experience and earn academic credit for their work. A combination of scholarships and wages will help significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt.

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Student Organizations

Meet Like-Minded Students!

Students often become involved in one or several of the many organizations formed on campus. What you get out of these organizations varies - you get what you put in! Most students report great personal success including skills development, networking opportunities, and also some of the most fun of their lives!

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Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in London

Study Abroad

Expand Your Horizons

Whether it’s traveling with a class or your athletic team, interning or studying in your field of interest, going abroad provides you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge, cultural awareness and learning experiences; therefore investing in the successful future every college student strives to obtain post-graduation.

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A Lakeland Student give a speech in front of a room

Honors Program

Self-Guided Success

As an honors program member, you will blaze your own trail. You will choose what you want to study and what you want to learn, which puts a lot of responsibility in your hands – but also gives you ownership of your academic direction.

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