Lakeland University's Honors Program

Honors Program

Carve out a unique path. Define your academic journey. Separate yourself from the pack as you learn alongside other serious, like-minded students. Maximize the strength of your resume.

Graduate With Honors

Maximize Your Potential

Our highly regarded honors program provides a unique opportunity for students to take an alternative track through the interdisciplinary studies requirements of the university. Incoming undergraduate students with either a 3.25 cumulative grade point average or a score of 24 or higher on the ACT are eligible to apply.

A Lakeland University honors student smiles at graduation.

Blaze Your Own Trail

As an honors program member, you will choose what you want to study and what you want to learn. This puts a lot of responsibility in your hands, but also gives you ownership of your academic direction.

Your freshman year, you will be part of a cohort of about 20 other honors program students. This group will take a year’s worth of courses together, six hours a week during that first year. You will remain a part of that cohort in the second year, while at the same time beginning to branch out on your own.

Honors Program Curriculums

  • HON 190: Introduction to Honors: Fall (3 cr)
  • COM 111: Public Speaking: Spring (3 cr)
  • HON 370: Honors Seminar: Fall or Spring (3 cr)
  • HON 400: Directed Readings: Fall or Spring (1 cr)
  • HON 400: Directed Readings: Fall or Spring (1 cr)
  • HON 410: Developing an Original Project: Spring (1 cr)
  • HON 480: Senior Honors Project: Fall or Spring (3 cr)
Lakeland University student working in the Mac lab.

Honors Program Projects

The honors program culminates with a senior project, which can involve anything from an academic breakthrough to a societal contribution. Listed below are just a handful of recent senior projects completed by Lakeland University graduates who successfully completed the honors program:

  • Study of the impact Asian carp have on the Lake Michigan sport fishing industry
  • Study of how a specific vocabulary building technique at the Sheboygan Early Learning Center (4K) increased literacy
  • Introduction of Wii Fit to senior citizens to improve their mobility and agility
  • Study of how parental relationships impact children’s attitudes toward marriage

To be considered for the Honors Program, applicants must have a 3.25 GPA or better in high school or from transfer institutions; or 24 or higher for the composite ACT. For more information, please contact Jessica Kalmar by email at or by phone 920-565-1000 ext. 2344.

2019 Honors Program Graduates

In 2019, seven Lakeland seniors completed the Honors Program. In addition to the requirements of their majors, minors and interdisciplinary studies, these students completed a rigorous course of study that culminated in an independent project.

Jacob Barthels’ project was entitled “#OldMuskie Wallet Check.” He developed a personal finance guide for college graduates. The guide builds financial literacy, covering topics from student loan payment to budgeting, saving for retirement and how to live within your means. Barthels has accepted a job with Clifton Larson Allen as an accountant in their Sheboygan office.

    Gabrielle Boss’ project was entitled “Mental Health Awareness: Promoting Solidarity by Breaking the Stigma.” She interviewed four Lakeland students about the impact of mental illness on their lives. These videos, and an interview with Lakeland’s campus counselor are available for students and employees on my.Lakeland. Boss has applied for a teaching position with AmeriCorps and is hoping to start working with them after graduation.

      Amber Knutson’s project was entitled “Lakeland University Cat TNR Project.” She set up a trap-neuter-release program for Lakeland's resident feline population. This program aims to achieve long-term population management and to improve the welfare of cats and other wildlife associated with Lakeland's campus. Knutson will attend St. Mary’s Columbia School of Nursing.

        Zachery Mock’s project was entitled "Revamping the Scholars Program." He conducted numerous interviews with faculty and current Sheboygan County Scholars in order to develop suggestions for maximizing leadership opportunities for the scholars. Mock has accepted a position at Acuity Insurance as a commercial lines underwriter.

          Emma Schad created a Design Club on campus and then guided the club through production of a logo for the Lakeland Alumni Association. Schad graduated in January is currently working as a senior graphic designer and brand strategist at Sun Graphics Media.

            Grace Schumacher’s project was entitled “Creating Learning Materials for the 4-H Horse and Pony Project Quiz Bowl Team.” She developed an updated collection of education materials (including powerpoint presentations, note sheets, and jeopardy games) for future 4H members and leaders to use. Schumacher will attend graduate school at Purdue University.

              Matthew Seider’s project was entitled “Math Education for the Next Generation.” He created a program where Lakeland students volunteered at a local elementary school and helped struggling students to learn and enjoy math. Seider will be serving on a Summer Mission Project through Cru in inner city Milwaukee.

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