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Whether you are just graduating from high school, graduating from technical college, or working part or full time Lakeland University’s School of Humanities & Fine Arts has coursework that fits your needs. An education in humanities and the fine arts from Lakeland University is flexible while providing you the necessary knowledge and experience needed to begin your career and meet your long-term goals.

Finding success in our modern world – more global and digital every day– requires one to be analytically nimble, critical in mind and creative in spirit, a savvy communicator and deeply understanding of the complex human experience. The programs in the School of Humanities and Fine Arts prepare students in these ways and for this rapidly changing world.

When students graduate, they won’t be ready for just one career; they will find success in any career. After Lakeland, they go on to graduate school or start a business; they become lawyers, teachers, independent artists, ministers, web analysts, translators and public servants, to name a few.

At the heart of our programs is the study and practice of being human. Our classrooms offer critical windows through which to explore the ancient and modern worlds of human language and culture and art, and our travel abroad courses take students beyond the book in order to turn the foreign into the familiar. Fine arts students take center stage on our small campus, making music and art and poetry that profoundly connects us, through artful expression, to one another. Humanities and arts faculty are inspired, dynamic teachers, researchers and artists, and they encourage their students to study what inspires them, whether that be the history of rock n’ roll or the art of comics, political communication and activism or eastern religious traditions, mastering a foreign language or writing an original screenplay.

Not through lecture, but through vibrant discussion and shared exploration, students learn to connect ideas across civilizations and fields of study, they are asked to engage in peer-to-peer critique of burgeoning ideas and artistic production, and they gain a fluency of thought that will enable them to draw from the past to become the innovators of the future.

Pursue Your Passion

Why the School of Humanities & Fine Arts?

At Lakeland University, you can gain experience and work towards your degree in the School of Humanities & Fine Arts in a way that best suits you. Students in the School of Humanities & Fine Arts gain the knowledge necessary for their field and build confidence through creative and thought-evoking real-world experiences. Browse the School of Humanities & Fine Arts academic catalog to learn how you can start your learning.

Academic Catalog
A Lakeland University student views a painting at a student art show

Cooperative Education

Learn, Work, Succeed!

Lakeland's award-winning Cooperative Education program is an exciting new way to earn a Lakeland degree, earn valuable professional experience and control the cost of college. Students have the ability to gain 12-18 months of full-time work experience and earn academic credit for their work. A combination of scholarships and wages will help significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt.

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Student Organizations

Meet Like-Minded Students!

Students often become involved in one or several of the many organizations formed on campus. What you get out of these organizations varies - you get what you put in! Most students report great personal success including skills development, networking opportunities, and also some of the most fun of their lives!

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Big Ben and Houses of Parliament in London.


Expand Your Horizons

Whether it’s traveling with a class or your athletic team, interning or studying in your field of interest, going abroad provides you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge, cultural awareness and learning experiences; therefore investing in the successful future every college student strives to obtain post-graduation.

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Honors Program

Self-Guided Success

As an honors program member, you will blaze your own trail. You will choose what you want to study and what you want to learn, which puts a lot of responsibility in your hands – but also gives you ownership of your academic direction.

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