Pro-Year at Lakeland University

Overview Of Program

Lakeland University is offering an innovative Pro-Year program in collaboration with its award-winning Cooperative Education program to help you navigate the transition from high school to what comes next.

As a Pro-Year student, Lakeland will help you secure a position with one of our premiere employers. You will have the opportunity to earn 8 experiential learning credits towards your bachelor's degree over the fall and spring semesters, allowing you to keep your academic momentum going while learning in an informal educational setting.

Upon completion of Lakeland’s Pro-Year program, you will be eligible to receive a significant scholarship for future enrollment at Lakeland University.

Premiere Employers

Benefits of Pro-Year

It’s common for students to be unsure what they want to do. Many students begin their Lakeland journey without having all the answers … and that’s okay!

Knowing what is the best next step to advance your career and education can be tricky. That’s why Lakeland is offering this Pro-Year program. At Lakeland, we are equipped to help you discover your direction at a pace you’re completely comfortable with – while also ensuring you don’t take on unnecessary student debt.

As a Pro-Year student, you will:

  • Receive mentorship from caring Lakeland staff to help navigate the transition to life after high school
  • Access Lakeland’s powerful career network to land a job at one of the area’s top companies
  • Build confidence in the workplace as you clarify your career and life goals without immediately investing in a full-time college experience
  • Earn money and up to eight college credits for work-based experiences
  • Receive a scholarship ($8,000-$10,000 over four years) for future enrollment at Lakeland University

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Premiere Employers for Lakeland University's Pro-Year
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Experience Education Your Way

Is Pro-Year A Good Fit For You?

We understand there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to earning a college education. We offer a variety of flexible learning options that make it easy for our students to balance school with their busy personal and professional lives.

Our Pro-Year program may be a good fit for you if you are: 

You would like to try your hand in an industry to see if it is fit for you before dedicating yourself to a given major and would like to earn college credit along the way.

You would like assistance finding a top-notch job with a leading employer to earn money and strategically grow your resume.

The past academic year has been grueling with switches from in-person and remote learning. You know you want to go to college, but you’d like to begin earning credit while taking a break from traditional coursework.

You wish to develop your resume and workplace skills before committing to a bachelor’s degree program.

You would like to explore a collegiate degree but are nervous about committing to a degree program and the financial commitment that comes with this next big step.

Connecting You With Employers & Degree

How Does It Work?

As a Pro-Year student, you will spend 20-40 hours per week on the job. You also will meet weekly with a career team member and other Pro-Year students to discuss the world of work. You will explore strategies to connect with employers, review how to present yourself to others, and develop confidence in your communication skills to aid in your work-based experience. Pro-Year students also are welcome to participate in campus events.

Between September and May you will earn up to 8 college credits for your workplace experiences. Upon completion of the program, you can choose to continue at Lakeland University with a significant scholarship or continue to advance your skills in the world of work.

Cooperative Education student working
Co-Op student working at Destination Kohler

Endless Opportunities

What Happens Next?

Pro-Year is designed to help you develop an awareness of your career options and explore your interests in a supportive environment. Your mentors in the program will help you determine the next steps to take to meet your individual career goals.

At the end of the Pro-Year, you may choose to continue working full time, combine school and work, or continue your college career full-time.

All credits earned in Lakeland’s Pro-Year can be applied to any degree at Lakeland University. The Cooperative Education courses that are taken as a part of Lakeland’s Pro-Year are unique to Lakeland University and therefore may not transfer to other institutions. 

Control The Cost Of College

How Can I Pay For Pro-Year?

Pro-Year participants earn between $15-18 per hour. Students in the program will be given financial counseling to learn how to best manage income and expenses.

The cost of the Pro-Year program is $433 per credit or $1,732 per semester. This amount includes assistance with finding employment as well as personalized mentoring and financial counseling.

Many of Lakeland’s employee partners have unique and competitive tuition remission programs to further assist with Pro-Year and future academic costs.

Students who complete the entire Pro-Year program are eligible to receive a significant scholarship to complete a degree at Lakeland University worth up to $8,000-10,000 over four years depending upon program delivery. 

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