Lakeland University's Scholars Program

Sheboygan County Scholars Program

The Sheboygan County Scholars program is an initiative of Lakeland University with support from the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce, leading businesses, and philanthropists. The goal of the program is to retain the area's most promising young people and prepare them to assume future leadership positions within the region.

Each year, up to 4 students will be selected as Sheboygan County Scholars. All scholars will have met rigorous academic standards and be required to complete a competitive application process — which will include a personal interview — to be accepted into the program. Upon acceptance into the program, scholars will be expected to excel academically, be engaged in campus life and the Sheboygan community through volunteer opportunities, and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Sheboygan County Scholars Program

Receive Full-Time Tuition

Scholars will receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend Lakeland University and will participate regularly in leadership development and growth opportunities. This competitive program will foster the development of the next generation of Sheboygan County leaders' intellect, professional networking abilities, and soft skills.

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Sheboygan County Scholar's Testimonials

Are you a student leader who wants to change the future of Sheboygan County? See how some of the best and brightest students benefited from the Sheboygan County Scholar Program!

The Process


  • Must be a resident of Sheboygan County or a graduate of a Sheboygan County high school (attending at least 3 years).
  • Have a minimum of a 3.25 high school grade point average OR ACT score of 27.

Academic Components of the Scholars Program:

  • Maintenance of a 3.25 grade-point average.
  • Can choose any academic major.
  • Participate in on or off campus leadership engagement activities each semester.

Application Procedure:

  • Brief essay (500 words) on what they hope to achieve at Lakeland University and what they hope to accomplish after graduation.
  • Two letters of reference from non-family members who can comment on qualifications, interests and goals.
  • If not already submitted, send an official copy of your high school transcript which should include your GPA, class rank and ACT or SAT scores to the admissions office.
  • Students must be accepted to Lakeland University prior to applying for the Sheboygan County Scholars full-tuition scholarship. Once accepted, students can apply via their Admission Portal.

Key Components of the Scholars Program:

  • Campus Community Service and Engagement
    • Blue & Gold Champion, tutor, campus tour volunteer, event coordination, greet at alumni events, University President conversations, club/organization involvement, campus musical/play, etc.
  • Sheboygan County Community Service and Engagement
    • Serve on a board, local event coordination, attend Chamber of Commerce Young Professional Network events, engage with local executives, nonprofit volunteering, etc.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Director of Admissions, Elizabeth Julian at 920-565-1022 ext. 2134 or

Be A Scholar!

Apply to the Sheboygan County Scholars Program

Application deadline: November 21, 2021

Interviews: December 6-10, 2021


Scholarship Recipients:

Class of 2019:

  • Emma Schad
    • High School: Sheboygan Falls
    • Major: Graphic Design & Communications
  • Matthew Seider
    • High School: Sheboygan County Christian
    • Major: Math, Business Admininstration & Marketing
  • Zachery Mock
    • High School: Howards Grove
    • Major: Communications
    • Minor: Psychology

Class of 2020:

  • Shyanne Koski
    • High School: Random Lake
    • Major: Education
  • Brandon Herrin
    • High School: Plymouth
    • Major: Religion
    • Minor: Psychology
  • Lauren Bruggink
    • High School: Oostburg
    • Major: Biochemistry
  • Dante Williams
    • High School: Sheboygan North
    • Major: Business Administration

Class of 2021:

  • Dominique Lee
    • High School: Sheboygan North
    • Major: Communications
    • Minor: Diversity Studies
  • Tegan Schneider
    • High School: Plymouth
    • Major: Biology
    • Minor: Psychology
  • Alyson Piper
    • High School: Sheboygan South
    • Major: Psychology
    • Minor: Studio Art
  • Eeshi Vue
    • High School: Sheboygan North
    • Major: Biochemistry

Class of 2022:

  • Maddeline Ivy
    • High School: Sheboygan North
    • Major: Psychology
  • John Boeckers
    • High School: N/A
    • Major: Management Information Systems
  • Taylar Miller
    • High School: Random Lake
    • Major: Business Administration & Marketing
  • Michael Becker
    • High School: Oostburg
    • Major: Math

Class of 2023:

  • Jake Sagal
    • High School: Random Lake
    • Major: Criminal Justice
  • Charlie Ruege
    • High School: Random Lake
    • Major: History
  • Bennett Josephs
    • High School: Plymouth
    • Major: Computer Science
  • Zack Gallipeau
    • High School: Sheboygan North
    • Major: Graphic Design

Class of 2024:

  • Alycia Herr
    • High School: Sheboygan North
    • Major: Psychology
  • Allison Klemme
    • High School: Sheboygan Falls
    • Major: Business Administration
  • Ethan Lilyquist
    • High School: Plymouth
    • Major: Education
  • Sam Scharenbroch
    • High School: Sheboygan South
    • Major: Computer Science

Class of 2025:

  • Rob Grimes
    • High School: Plymouth
    • Major: Education
  • Payton Dezwarte
    • High School: Plymouth
    • Major: Criminal Justice
  • Aidan Hager
    • High School: St. Lawrence Seminary
    • Major: Marketing & Accounting

Class of 2026:

  • Paige Kirchmeier
    • High School: Plymouth
    • Major: Exercise Science
  • Madeline Wohlgemuth
    • High School: Sheboygan North
    • Major: Education
  • Cali Streff
    • High School: Random Lake
    • Major: English & Education
  • Lizzy Hockenhull
    • High School: N/A
    • Major: Marketing