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Milwaukee Area Technical College

Milwaukee Area Technical College logoInterested in earning a Bachelor’s Degree? Whether you're a current Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) student, you’ve already completed an Associate’s Degree or just took classes, you are able to transfer credits to Lakeland University and be well on your way! Our academic counselors will work with you to understand your goals and the best path to achieve them. 

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Benefits of Attending Lakeland

Lakeland University and Milwaukee Area Technical College have formed an innovative partnership that provides a unique higher-education option to MATC students. Students who have completed their associate degree at MATC continue their education at Lakeland by entering as a college junior to complete any bachelors degree; related or new!


  • Affordable, flexible college degree option close-to-home
  • Guaranteed admission to Lakeland University and start as a junior following MATC's graduation
  • Most Lakeland majors will accommodate working student schedules through online and evening programming
  • Financial aid and discounts available to MATC graduates
  • Support to help students launch and advance in their careers
  • Free application
  • Support from advisors to work on individualized academic plans
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Promise Program

Significant Scholarships

Lakeland University and Milwaukee Area Technical College have created a new partnership that will expand MATC's Promise program and provide a pathway to a Bachelor's Degree at Lakeland!

Lakeland University's Promise Program offers significant scholarships to:

  • Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) Promise Program students who have earned their Associate Degree
  • All MATC associate degree graduates who were MATC Promise eligible, but did not participate in the program.

For many graduates, the scholarship will cover all tuition (after federal and state financial grant aid has been applied).

Lakeland will provide individual academic advising and career readiness, including participation in the university's Cooperative Education program.

Students must meet the Federal Student Eligibility criteria as defined by the FAFSA. (various check with homeland security, social security, selective services, etc)

  1. Student must:
    1. Have a zero expected family contribution (EFC); or
    2. If dependent by FAFSA definition have parent adjusted gross income (AGI) that is less than $30,000; or
    3. If independent by FAFSA definition a student AGI of less than $15,000.
  2. Student must be in good standing with Wisconsin state agencies for state grant eligibility.
  3. Students must have completed an associate degree as a member of the MATC Promise or as a student who meets the required eligibility standards, as listed.
  4. Student will be eligible for the tuition-free promise for up to 6 terms. Fall and Spring term eligible only; Summer does not qualify as a term because we cannot obtain state grant support for the Summer term.
  5. Students must maintain full-time continuous enrollment and remain, while enrolled at Lakeland, in academic and financial aid good standing.
  6. Application and FAFSA deadline:
    1. Application materials must be submitted at least 21 days prior to the start of classes.
    2. Financial Aid documents completed at least 30 days prior to the start of classes.

MATC Promise and Promise eligible students who do not meet the financial criteria in Item 2 above will still be eligible for significant scholarship assistance and participation in the Cooperative Education program (co-op). Many students will be able to defray all tuition through the scholarship and co-op program.


Why Lakeland?

  • Transfer up to 90 credits if you attended a four-year institution
  • Transfer up to 72 credits from a two-year institution (Milwaukee Area Technical College)
  • Flexible education through online and on-campus learning
    • Onsite: In class one night per week
    • Online: participate weekly when it works best for you
    • BlendEd Live: attend live classes virtually from anywhere one night per week
  • Affordable tuition and access to financial aid
  • Individualized advising and career development support
  • ...and much more!
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