Kodaly Graduate Summer Music Program Scholarship Application

Summer 2024

Application Deadline: May 1, 2024

Lakeland University awards multiple scholarships each year for students who have been accepted to either the Kodaly Certificate program or the Master of Music in Music Education: Kodaly Emphasis program. Scholarships are applied each summer a student registers for no less than six graduate credits that are applicable to program completion. Students who receive a scholarship will not need to reapply each summer, provided that they continue to meet the eligibility requirements listed below. (NOTE: Students who have less than six credits remaining in the program during their fourth summer of study in the Master of Music in Music Education – Kodaly Emphasis program may receive a prorated scholarship for their final summer of study.)

Scholarship Eligibility:

To be and remain eligible a for an award, an accepted student must enroll in no less than six graduate credits that are applicable to program completion in the summer, have earned at least a 3.0 from their undergraduate institution, demonstrate financial need by completing a FAFSA, and maintain a record of academic excellence at Lakeland University with a GPA of no lower than a 3.0. Awards will renew automatically each summer so long as the eligibility requirements listed above continue to be met.

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