Post-Masters Counseling Certification

Post-Masters Certification in a format for the working adult

Graduate coursework in counseling from an earned master’s degree may satisfy requirements where appropriate. To be considered, coursework must parallel current course requirements in the MAC program, be earned within the last ten years, and be assessed at a “B-” or better. Further coursework between 12-24 credits may be required for each certificate program depending on the past graduate coursework of the individual and the intended emphasis. Students working in the counseling field with courses earned prior to the ten (10) year threshold may be granted an exception time waiver for specific courses. In addition, all students approved to pursue a post master’s certification will be required to complete Lakeland’s specific seminar, practicum and internship courses.

"Certification programs are time effective and cost effective, and allow individuals to build upon skills they already have," said Deborah Bilzing, director of Lakeland's counseling program. "Certification can open up career opportunities in other specialized areas of professional counseling."

See specific descriptions and course work requirements for each program on the department website in addition to contacting a Lakeland admission advisor at one of our six centers across Wisconsin. Pursuing a certificate that leads to licensure may have additional requirements.

Non-degree seeking Master of Arts in Counseling Program registration

In addition to the standard full-time and part-time classifications for students who have been accepted into the MAC program, there is also a classification for non-degree-seeking students. Registrations for non-degree-seeking students are permitted for students who would like to strengthen an existing major, develop a new area of interest, or complete requirements for a new profession.

This status is reserved for those who, at the time of application for this status, are not pursuing nor have any intention of pursuing a MAC degree at Lakeland University. Non-degree-seeking students who decide to pursue a MAC degree at Lakeland must apply for admission prior to enrolling in more than six credits within the program. Students taking more than six credits with non-degree-seeking status will be denied the opportunity to enter the MAC program at a later date. Students granted non-degree-seeking status are allowed to register for up to 12 credits. Successful enrollment of courses while enrolled as a non-degree-seeking student does not guarantee admission into the program.

Non-degree-seeking student status is available to candidates who possess a bachelor's or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution. A minimum of a 2.75 cumulative undergraduate GPA is required. In order to be considered for non-degree-seeking status, candidates must complete a Graduate Admission Application and are subject to the following unique policies:

  1. All students taking between 3-12 credits of course work as a non-degree-seeking student must meet the admission requirements to the MAC program, including the completion of nine credits of coursework in behavioral sciences or human services with grades of B- or better.
  2. Non-degree-seeking students are not allowed to register for more than 12 credits in the MAC program.
  3. Typically, federal financial aid is not available.
  4. Applicants for non-degree-seeking status must complete the Evening, Online & Adult (Kellett School) application. This application can be found online and must be approved by the MAC program director.
  5. Practicums, internships and independent study courses are not available to non-degree-seeking students.
  6. Non-degree-seeking students must meet all identified course pre-requisites for the courses in which they enroll.

Please contact an admissions advisor at one of our six centers for more information about becoming a non-degree-seeking student, including tuition costs.

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