Music Ensembles

Lakeland University Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the campus' premiere instrumental ensemble. Membership is open to all Lakeland students, with a placement audition. The band performs a variety of diverse and challenging music including selections from the traditional wind band repertoire, as well as transcriptions of major classical literature and pops selections including musicals, film, and other contemporary music. The band program provides a large-group experience in which students have the opportunity to develop individual and ensemble musicianship, build relationships, and develop organization and leadership skills. In addition to four annual concerts, members go on tour every two years, and will also perform at selected university events throughout the year. Members of the Symphonic Band also serve as part of the Muskie Pride Marching Band during the Fall semester. MUS 225 – University Band may be taken as often as desired for 0 or 1 credit. Offered Fall and Spring. Prerequisite: None.

    Muskie Pride Marching Band

    The Muskie Pride performs both field shows and parade marching, and acts as the pep band at Lakeland athletic events. Membership is open to all Lakeland students. The band plays for Lakeland home football games, selected basketball games, and other events. The group's repertoire includes a variety of pop/contemporary music including classic rock, funk, jazz, and musical/movie soundtracks. Band members have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic musical organization taking an active part in campus life while honing individual and ensemble musicianship, building relationships, and developing leadership skills. MUS 225 – University Band may be taken as often as desired for 0 or 1 credit. Offered Fall and Spring. Prerequisite: None.

    Lakeland Jazz Ensemble

    The Lakeland Jazz Ensemble is a combo-style instrumental jazz group. This ensemble provides students opportunity to investigate the stylistic characteristics of jazz and popular music through the performance and study of literature for large and small jazz ensembles; students will explore basic improvisation techniques. Varying in size, the ensemble includes woodwinds, brass, and rhythm section (piano, guitar, bass, drumset). Previous experience with jazz is advantageous but not required. MUS 228 – Jazz Ensemble may be taken as often as desired for 0 or 1 credit. Offered Fall and Spring. Prerequisite: Placement audition and instructor consent.

    Lakeland University Concert Choir

    The Lakeland University Concert Choir is an elite mixed-voice choir made up of the most skilled singers at Lakeland. In addition to performing on-campus concerts throughout the year, The Lakeland Choir showcases Lakeland's choral program by singing at local schools and churches, and by touring every other spring. Membership is open to all Lakeland students. Singing experience is an asset but not required. Music-reading is valued. The ensemble is a mixed voice (male/female) choir which sings a variety of songs from the Renaissance to the 20th century and including classical, contemporary, sacred, and showtunes. Students will explore music in a variety of languages and styles. MUS 235 The Lakeland Choir may be taken as often as desired for credit. Offered fall and spring. Prerequisite: None.

      Sheboygan Symphony Partnership

      Membership in the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra is open to all Lakeland University students who play violin, viola, cello, or double bass. The symphony performs challenging literature from all musical eras and provides accompaniment for several prominent guest artists each season. Prospective symphony members must complete a successful audition for the conductor.


      Lakeland University Drumline is a dynamic, inclusive, multi-cultural student organization that creates excitement at sporting events, boosts spirit around the school, and allows musicians and non-musicians to gain experience in this unique medium. The LU Drumline is a student-driven ensemble where members choose and sometimes write their own music and collaborate in designing choreography.

      Muskie Tones Acappella

      The Muskie Tones is Lakeland's student a cappella club. This is a diverse group of students who love singing. They explore a wide range of literature from classical to barbershop and pop acappella. Music programs and performances are chosen by the membership. This group has been featured at the Weill Center Christmas celebration and Lakeland Chapel events.

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