Employer Information Session: Madison

May 10th, 2021

8:30-9 a.m.

Online Webinar

Employer Information Session: Madison

In today’s competitive environment, employers are always looking for resources to help them get and stay ahead. Lakeland University prides itself in being an innovative campus that meets the needs of not only our students but also local companies, organizations and their associates. In the last four years, we have designed a robust program that helps employers support their hiring and employment goals. This includes:

  • Our award-winning Cooperative Education program allows students to gain professional work experience and minimize post-graduate student debt. It allows employers to hire young talent and “test drive” potential long-term hires.
  • The Lakeland Partners program provides tuition discounts – 20% for undergraduate and 10% for graduate level coursework – to employees and their families at no cost to your organization.
  • Our new Cooperative Design program allows your employees to earn credits toward a degree through on-the-job learning. Students help work on solutions to real workplace challenges, allowing employers to develop their talent with company-guided projects that can have a direct impact on their organization.

We are hosting a brief informational session on Monday, May 10, from 8:30-9 a.m. to showcase how we can be an asset to you.

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