Lakeland University Football Camp

Our Philosophy

We are excited to be hosting the 18th annual Lakeland University Fundamental Football Camp and are looking forward to teaching your athlete the skills necessary to compete in football in a fun and educational manner. The camp philosophy is to provide solid fundamental football skills in a relaxed atmosphere. We will teach techniques that are vital to the athlete in reaching their fullest potential both on and off the field. Both sessions are designed to ensure that the campers enjoy their time while gaining a valuable learning experience. Experienced coaches will actively teach athletes the skills and techniques used at Lakeland University that have helped their players become conference champions and participants in the NCAA Division III post-season tournament.

Lakeland University football

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2024 Lakeland Football Camp

June 24-26, 2024

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Grades: 4-8


Our Goal

This camp is for athletes who are just learning the skills necessary to participate in football in a competitive manner. It will focus on techniques and fundamentals for all positions. There will be offensive and defensive sessions to give campers exposure to positions on each side of the ball. Instruction will also be given in punting and kicking. Basic fundamentals will be the focus of this camp.

What To Expect From Our Camp

  • Each camper will learn the essential skills needed to compete in football at a high level in a fun and competitive environment. Campers will have an opportunity to learn the skills and techniques needed to succeed in all three phases of the game. In addition, campers will learn the character building values of commitment, teamwork, positivity and leadership.

What To Bring: 

  • Each camper will be provided with a camp t-shirt on day one but is responsible for his own shoes, socks, shorts and shirt.
  • Non-cleat athletic shoes in case of inclement weather


  • Lunch will be provided by Lakeland University Dining Services.
Lakeland football player posing for picture.

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