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Alumni mentors play positive role for Co-Op

Alumni mentors play positive role for Co-Op


Alumni mentors play positive role for Co-Op

Several Lakeland alumni have served as important virtual mentors for students enrolled in the Experiential Learning Seminar course this semester.

Current LU student are paired with a Lakeland grad that is in a career related to their professional interests, and the connections are incredibly valuable to students. The students and their mentors meet a minimum of twice during the term to review the student’s resume, discuss career goals and gain advice for long-term success.

Alumni mentors this term include: Mikal Anschutz, Andres Araujo, Becca Elliott, Christian Frahm, Jake Frias, Robby Frias, Pam Gamb, Christopher Graeber, David Green, Travis Gross, Garrett Heng, Megan Horzen, Gaby Jansen, Taylor Levitt, Kalie Novak, KJ Odom, Laura Stanley Pelzel, Jamie Schramm, Brittni Scoles, Jacklyn Smith, Eddie Terres, Sara Willadsen, Erin Zea and Dan Zea.

If you are a Lakeland graduate and are interested in providing support to students through a mentoring relationship, please email Andrea Schmitz, director of alumni relations, at

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