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Autism acceptance focus of free Lakeland virtual event

Autism acceptance focus of free Lakeland virtual event


Autism acceptance focus of free Lakeland virtual event

Lakeland University will present a virtual program entitled Autism Acceptance: Moving from Awareness to Inclusion and Belonging on Tuesday, April 6, at 6:30 p.m.

Register for a Zoom link to the hour-long event at This event is co-sponsored by Lakeland’s CRU, Justice and Equity Committee and Ulrich Center for Faith, Ethics and Justice.

This 60-minute session will discuss the basics of what autism acceptance looks like in practice. The two speakers, Lakeland student Connor Siemers and local autism specialist Allie Tasche, will explore aspects of neurodiversity and the paradigm shift behind the neurodiversity movement.

Participants will hear about life experiences from the perspectives of individuals on the autism spectrum, highlighting the variability of social, communication, sensory and information processing/styles. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of autism and ways we can encourage inclusion and belonging in our schools and communities.

More about the speakers:

  • Allie Tasche is an educator from Wisconsin. She has a bachelor’s degree in cross-categorical special education with certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders and is currently pursuing her Masters of Leadership and Organizational Development at Lakeland University. Tasche has worked in education as a program support teacher, autism instructional coach and learning strategist. She serves on the board of the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin, where she advocates for a preferred future where neurodiversity is understood, accepted and supported.
  • Connor Siemers is a current Lakeland student who was diagnosed with Asperger's as a child. The struggles and successes of his life, as well as his insights on being in the spectrum, will be explored. He has many hobbies and passions such as photography, farming at his family farm and trying to make impactful connections.
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