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Co-op pushes junior outside his comfort zone

Co-op pushes junior outside his comfort zone


Co-op pushes junior outside his comfort zone

Henry Wojtczak has his sights set of being a golf caddie and traveling the country when he graduates. The junior is loading his resume with experience at one of the top public golf courses in the country.

Wojtczak caddied last year as part of a cooperative education job at Whistling Straits, the home of the 2020 Ryder Cup. He worked for Caddie Management Enterprises, which provides caddies for courses all over the country.

The self-proclaimed introvert was pushed outside his comfort zone in a job that required him to interact with guests for 4-5 hours and make sure they had a great experience.

"I got really good at approaching guests and carrying on conversations over a long period of time," Wojtczak said. "There were some great networking opportunities."

The job is demanding. Caddies carry two bags for eight to 16 miles, and they need to be able to help guests navigate the nuances of the Irish and Straits courses at Whistling. The weather, especially along the Lake Michigan shoreline, can make things extra challenging.

Caddies are paid by the bag and also get tips, the latter which Wojtczak said accounted for about 70 percent of his earnings and is helping him pay for school.

In addition to gaining experience through his co-op, Wojtczak has been mentored by 2007 Lakeland graduate Ryan Bork, the golf professional at Town and Country Golf Course in Sheboygan, Wis.

Wojtczak hopes to enroll in the PGA’s Management Program to go with his growing experience so he can make his career dreams a reality.

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